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Authentic Moroccan Food at Shahrazard, Al Husn, Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah

“Explore the exquisite taste of Morocco, with subtle spices and fragrant flavours, in this traditional, yet contemporary and stylish dinner venue.  A unique and elegant journey, as authentic cuisine and ambience bring you the essence of Morocco.”  That was the description tempting us to try Shahrazard from the Oman Entertainer 2012 book.  Notice the proud display of the “Oman2Day Awards” in the picture above that Shahrazard won in 2007 and 2008 for ambience.  Well deserved as we were to find out!

You can always sit outside which is great between October and March.  The only thing is that you will miss the live music and belly-dancing inside!

To add to the ambience of your Moroccan experience, live Moroccan musicians perform for 20-30 minutes at a time with a 15-20 minute break after each set.

This is obviously not the best video quality, but I thought it would be nice to give you an idea of what these Moroccan musicians sound like: And another: Unfortunately the belly dancer was off on the evening we went.  Normally the belly-dancing takes place from 8 to 8:20pm and 10-10:20 pm every night.  If you do come to Shahrazard, you might want to keep those timings in mind and try to be there for the belly-dancing.

This is the private room if you are a slightly larger group requesting privacy.  Of course it would be advised to book well in advance.

My honey as we enjoyed our 3rd anniversary datenight at Shahrazard.  Notice the bread and small appetizers they bring to each table.  With this in mind, it’s possible to skip appetizers/soup unless you’re quite hungry.

Harira Marakeshia (4.8 OR) is one of two soups available at Shahrazard.  The other is Bissara Soup.  This soup was great.  It’s a Moroccan traditional favorite soup flavored with chopped celery, parsley, and coriander.  Garnished with lentils, chickpeas, and lamb cubes and served with shabbakia and dates. (pictured below!)

This dish is called “Pastilla Bil Hamam” or Moroccan famous Wedding Pie (5 OR).  It’s ingredients are a bit surprising but we felt like trying something new.  It tastes just like chicken but the ingredients actually consist of PIGEON MEAT, crushed almond and scrambled egg in nutmeg and cinnamon sauce covered with honey and crushed almond.

For those who enjoy Couscous, there are several choices available.

This was a very good dish! Tajine Lamb Tfaya (8.9 RO)

The Fish Platter is actually a Seafood Platter (18.5 OR).  This dish had so much in it that it’s probably best to share as a couple.  Fantastic meal!

The Moroccan dessert, Kounaffa, is SO delicous! (4.5 OR)  A must try in my books!

We had a great night out at Shahrazad.  Including drinks (lemon mint (2.2 RO), 1 800 ml Voss water (3.5 RO) and 2 cokes (1.5 RO each) plus 17% tax (and minus the price of Tajine dish because we used an Entertainer coupon), our bill came to 48.56 Omani Rials.  Obviously not the type of restaurant we would frequent on a daily basis, this is the kind of restaurant you might think about going to for a very special occassion.  To get to Shahrazard drive out to Shangri-La Barr al Jissah and turn to the Al Husn Hotel at the first roundabout after entering the main gate.

It’s located downstairs next to their other restaurant, Al Sultannah.  Make sure you make a reservation if you go there.  Tel:2477-6666

Anyone else been here?  If so, please feel free to leave a comment and share your experience here with us.