The Church in Oman Mourns the Loss of Medical Missionary to Oman, Dr. Donald Bosch







Last night at 11pm, Oman lost a dedicated lifetime missionary, Dr. Donald Bosch, at the age of 95.  As one of the church secretaries, Esther, commented on facebook, ” He was a man of such love and compassion. A regular attender at the Church in Ruwi at 7:30 pm even at the age of ninity five. At 94 he used to sing Hymns in the service.Though it is such a sad thing here on earth , its all Joy and celebration in Heaven to receive this man of faith. WE MISS YOU DR.BOSCH.”  Many older Omanis in the Muscat area are quite familiar with Dr. Bosch and his lifelong devotion to health and education in the Sultanate.  As the famous twitterer, Muscati wrote on twitter: “those of us who are from Muscat know and appreciate Dr Bosch’s life, his love for Oman, and his role in health and education.”

Dr. Donald Bosch and wife Eloise at one of many audiences with His Majesty Sultan Qaboos over the years.  In line with his exceptional generosity, the Bosches were even gifted with a beautiful house in the Muscat area as a sign of HM’s appreciation for their work.

If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Bosch’s work, you might want to read this article from Business Today about Dr. Donald Bosch titled “The Medicine Man”.  As the article states, he and his wife, Eloise, are best known for their published account between 1955 and 1970 titled “The Doctor and The Teacher“.  I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book (available in “the Family Bookshop”) to read the fascinating history of Dr. Donald and Eloise Bosch and their contributions toward the Sultanate of Oman.  Dr. Bosch will be sadly missed.  He is survived by his wife, Eloise and his children, Paul, Bonnie and David.  The memorial service for Dr. Bosch will be Saturday at 7PM at the Ghala Church.

41 responses to “The Church in Oman Mourns the Loss of Medical Missionary to Oman, Dr. Donald Bosch

  1. hodgepodge4thesoul

    What a wonderful legacy of FAITH he is living behind; a last impression for Jesus he and his wife made. May we all be such witnesses for OUR LORD 🙂

    • So true! I was thinking about this very thing this morning-LEGACY. What will my legacy be? (or yours?) What lasting, eternal contribution, if any, are we making in this world? It’s important to think about such things and to have sober thoughts about our purpose in this world. The Bosches and their legacy will continue in Oman for many years to come, I believe. Eloise, for example, is an active member of Muscat Womens Fellowship and still regularly attends PCO services here in Ruwi. The adult Bosch children have a strong connection to this land and I believe and pray that they will continue to bless the land of Oman in their faithful service to the church and community here.

  2. He will indeed receive a grand welcome in heaven. What a great humanitarian he was! Such a good gentle natured man with a great sense of humour. Oman will never forget him.

  3. Am amazing man, supported for many years by an equally amazing wife.
    A true missionary in the classic sense of the word.


  4. Thank you Andy for letting us know this very sad news.

    • You’re welcome. It’s not the type of news one wants to share but people should definitely be informed, especially if they want to attend the memorial service to honor this wonderful man of God and his lifelong service to Oman and the church in Oman.

  5. He was a great man, and I’m blessed and honored to not only have known him but to be able to call him friend. Oman will miss him, not only PCO….he will celebrate his 95th Birthday in heaven. God bless him and his whole family.

  6. My family and I have been beneficiaries of Don’s gracious time a number of times over the last 20 years. He leaves a legacy here in Oman that few can emulate. Truly, heaven’s gain is our loss. Our love to Eloise and the rest of the family.

  7. Hi Andy,
    Dr.Ebenezer & I were saddened to hear the news of Don’s demise! But we can be sure our loss is heaven’s gain. We were fortunate to be closely associated with Don & Eloise & the family & we extend our love & prayers to each one of them . May God bless each one of them.
    Drs Susan & Ebenezer

    • Dr. Susan,
      It’s very nice to hear from you despite the circumstances. We miss you and Dr. Ebenezer and pray that all is well with you and your family. Thanks for commenting. Let’s continue to lift up the entire Bosch family in prayer to the God of all comfort (2 Cor. 1:3-5).

  8. Shared this link on FB, with this caption. He came to TAISM when I was attending middle school there. This is what I remember:

    In Oman before oil barons, automobiles, and camels. Ok, not camels, but he spent the better part of a century bringing modern medicine to the Omani people. Having served as a doctor and a veterinarian (heard a story of a guy who brought his camel to Dr. Bosch, who fixed it up), this guy was awesome. Him and his wife named numerous new species of seashells, and helped open or run a few elementary schools. For their medical and educational services, the Sultanate of Oman granted them their own plot of land with a nice house and anything they wanted built-in. They opted for an outdoor square-dancing area.

  9. David,
    Those are some great memories you have! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this experience with us. I visited the Al Mana Centre in Muttrah for the first time this past week and heard so many wonderful tidbits of info on our tour there. It’s incredible to think just how many lives have been touched by this American surgeon and his lovely wife who gave so much to the people of Oman.

  10. Valerie Kastner Boyle

    When my mom told me the sad news, I cried. I had been blessed to have called him Uncle Don.We met the Bosches when they came home to N.J. in 1957 on furlough and he preached at our Reformed Church in Linden. My brother and I became great friends with Paul, David and Bonnie and we all became instant “Family” for life. Greatest childhood memories were staying with the Bosches up at their Hedges Lake house in N.Y. where Uncle Don was sure to make us kids clean and sort boxes and boxes of shells. I learned alot about Oman and shells. My parents were able to stay with them in Oman for 3 weeks and loved it. Soo many fond memories over the years. We were lucky to celebrate his 90th birthday at Hedges Lake with all the friends and family. It was a wonderful reunion. We will always love him. Prayers for Aunt Eloise and family. He will be in Heaven waiting for us with open arms and a warm smile. We were blessed to have known him. Thank you Lord for his life!!!

    • Great memories of Dr. Bosch! The memorial service tonight was so beautiful. This was the most beautiful memorial I have ever attended. He leaves an incredible testimony to the love and power of the risen Christ.

  11. The news of Don’s demise was indeed sad. We had been members of the PCO for nearly two decades and had the pleasure of knowing them.Their commitment and unselfish work to the church and in helping others was an inspiration to us. Our love and prayers are with Eloise and their children.
    Dr. Punnoose & Alice

  12. Dr. Punnose & Alice,
    Thanks for this nice comment. The memorial service for Dr. Bosch was this evening and it was clear just how much he is loved and the kind of impact he has had on others. Let’s continue to lift the entire Bosch family in prayer. God bless.

  13. my condolences. a life well lived…


    My husband Trinity and I were sad to hear the demise of Dr.Donald Bosch. I remember 2 years ago when I met Dr. Bosch, Mrs Eloise, David and his daughter in law, while he was undergoing treatment in Royal Hospital, Muscat. It as then I shared with him about our grandmother “NURSE MARY” who served in Oman for 40 years and she also had worked with them. I was delighted to receive a book named “The American Mission Hospitals In Oman” (1893-1974) with his signature. We convey our condolence and pray for their family.

  15. Dr. Handrika,
    Thanks for stopping by to comment. That’s amazing that your grandmother was the famous “nurse mary”. You must be quite proud. I read all about her in “The Doctor and the Teacher” and other places about how your grandmother helped deliver so many babies in Oman and that several women chose to call their daughters “Mariam” (Arabic name for Mary) after her. Thanks again for leaving this lovely comment. Kind regards.

  16. Eugene and Betty Bartels, along with our children. We were so privileged to have known dear Dr. Don, and teacher Eloise, meeting them in Los Angeles, and having many meals with them, and our good friends, Pete and Gertie Bosch. Our Church, the Bethel Reformed Church in Bellflower, California, had support of these dear missionaries for many years. His stories of his early days in the Arabian mission field, were ones we will never forget. What a kind, compassionate Doctor he was, and a great help meet in Eloise. I believe we are better people, having known them. Kind regards

  17. I was in Oman from 1973 to 1985 and had the honour to be friended to Don and Eloise during that time. Further I had a hand in publishing their book Seashells of Omam in 1982 being the General Manager of Family Bookskop Oman at the time.
    Whatever the most important here. please help me to get in touch with the family. Don and Eloise just gave so much during my stay in the sultanate.

    I so miss those pioneer days and Don & Eloise just gave it all an extra kick, thanks.

    Hope someone will respond.

    In loving memory
    Keld Bredvig

    • Keld,
      Thanks for commenting. The best way to get in touch with the Bosches would be to search for and then send a message to their daughter-in-law, Cecilia Bosch, who is very active in Muscat, Oman. I hope that helps you out. Take care!

  18. We, Aase and Lorens Hedelund, were in Oman as missionaries from 1974 – 1979, workinging with the Family Bookshop. Don and Eloise were great friends and collegaues. We morn the loss of Don Bosch and will always remember him – a true servant of the Lord and all the human being he met on his way. The last time I met with Don was sometime in the mid 1990- ties in the Airport of Nairobi. I was travellking back to Denmark and Don and Elois was going back to Oman after a Safari to Kenye with member of the Muscat/Oman congregation. We spottet each other at a distance – and I remember I greeted Don with the well known words “Dr. Bosch I presume?” Now I have to wait for some time before meeting Don again.

    Thank for everything Don – in loving memory.

    Aase and Lorens Hedelund, Denmark

    Ps. We would love to receive an address of Eloise or one of the Bosch children – to

    • Aase and Lorens,
      Thanks for your lovely memories. As I wrote to a previous commenter, the best way to get in touch with the Bosches would be to search for their daughter-in-law, Cecilia Bosch on facebook. I hope you are able to get in touch. God bless.

  19. Feriel Ricks

    On my first visit to Oman I was told about this wonderful man of God. He left an indelible mark on that country. Praise be to our Father!

  20. I had known the Bosches since Jan 1984 till I left Oman in July 2010. As a Christan couple they have been very hospitable, warm and regular in PCO gatherings. Death is inevitable for all of us and I hope to meet him again in Heaven.
    I will remember them for their warmth and hospitality whenever they welcomed the PCO members at their lovely home beside the stony beach. Thanks for the memories, Doctor.
    Will meet you in heaven – in the land where we’ll never grow old anymore!!

  21. Linda (Peterson) Dorsey

    It was so wonderful to get to know Don & Eloise, when I taught music at the American British Academy, from 1994-1999. Of course, we met at the PCO, and both of them attended the spectacular U.N. Day performances that we created at the ABA. I also was thrilled to get to attend SQUARE-DANCING at their home. What fun and wonderful friends! What a gift you were to Omanis and to all ex-pats! THANK YOU, Don & Eloise!

  22. I finally found on my I Pod always wondering if Don passed away and read his obituary and many comments and even time has passed by I want to add how much we loved him and his wife and cherish our time when we were in Muscat and stayed in their beautiful home. I want Eloise to know my husband Clarence passed away Dec. 26 2012. He was truly a servant and loving man of God who is one we truly admired. Carol Boote Living at Freedom Village in Holland, Michigan

  23. Andy, so wonderful to read about the Boschs. Just wanted to share my experience. My family has been here since the 1970’s and has worked in some of the Ministries. My aunt and late uncle were among the early Indian birds here, having worked with the wonderful Dr. Bosch. I now work with the Ministry of Health, myself. At a party hosted by Dr. Chona Thomas, a few years ago, I accompanied my aunt, where it was so nostalgic seeing the Boschs meet again with old colleagues like Dr. David and the like. I remember having tears in my eyes. As a young child, many years ago, I remember Dr. Lily David being rushed in before my eyes, people working to revive her, when she had passed on. Recently, my former boss, the late Dr. Ali Jaffer, was referring to the Bosch’s book and we were planning to publish internally, a book on the people who had built the Ministry of Health since the earliest days. Unfortunately, he was retired shortly thereafter, and then he passed away. Sadly, not many people in the MoH even know of Dr. Bosch. That generation has all but passed on.
    But on a different note, what a party they’re having in heaven.

    • Hi Juanita,
      Thanks for stopping in and sharing your memories with us. Blessings to you as you carry on the vital work that these precious souls started in the Ministry of Health!

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