“Being in Love” and “Behaving in Love”










I noticed this blogpost in wordpress’s “most popular posts” for today.  I think it’s a good read and quite timely, it being Valentine’s Day and all.  It comes from the blog, “Wisdom for Life“, written by Steve Cornell who is founding and senior pastor of Millersville Bible Church, Millersville Pennsylvania (USA) (a position he has held for more than 25 years).  Whether married or single, I think it’s worth a read.

What if I don’t feel love for my spouse?









If you’re in a healthy, loving relationship, be thankful and have a happy Valentine’s Day!  If not, keep trying, (don’t give up!) and look to God in prayer!  🙂

4 responses to ““Being in Love” and “Behaving in Love”

  1. Excellent thoughts! Thanks for sharing Andy!

  2. Nikhil,
    My pleasure. I don’t often reblog stuff but I thought this was definitely worth sharing, especially on Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  3. I’m sorry but I sometimes feel that they are making such a big fuzz over valentine’s day. It’s more of a pressure especially for single ladies. Valentine’s Day for me is just another day. If you are loved, you feel it everyday. So instead of making such a big deal with just one day, make it everyday. Kind of like Christmas! 😛

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