Daily Archives: February 16, 2012

Musannah Castle and Neighboring Beach

Musannah Castle is easy enough to get to.  Driving towards Sohar, you turn towards Musanah at a clearly marked roundabout 73.5 kms from Muscat International Airport.  Like Muttrah and other places in Oman, I’ve seen Musannah spelled many ways, including “Masanah“, “Masnaah”, “Musan’ah“, just to name a few. (It’s spelled “Masnaah” in the Ministry of Tourism‘s tourist guide “Concise Guide to Batinah“.)

Another closed tourist site during Andy in Oman’s travels!  No problem as it’s not one of the bigger, more impressive forts that one can see here.  The castle seems to have fallen into disrepair and even the surroundings homes are abandoned and have mostly collapsed.

The biggest selling point of Masanah Castle is its close proximity to this beach!  It looks like a great beach for a swim but anyone contemplating this should consider that it is a conservative little village.  In other words, I wouldn’t advise showing up in a string bikini!  🙂

This pic was taken from the beach.  Look just how close the castle is to the coast!  Masanah Castle and beach make for a lovely little stop-over if you are already planning a trip to somewhere nearby like Rustaq, Sawadi or Nakhl or if you’re heading towards Sohar anyway.