Boats of Musandam Peninsula

While the world’s attention seems fixated on oiltankers in the Strait of Hormuz and the destroyers on patrol there (bringing the world ever closer to Armageddon) I thought it would be nice to highlight the beautifully crafted boats used by local fishermen at Musandam.  The 3 boats pictured here are all found in the main courtyard of Khasab Castle.

This picture, showing examples of boat front decorations, is found in the Khasab Castle Museum.  The museum is a wealth of information and a must-see for any of you out there that love history and culture who happen to make it to the Khasab area.

2 responses to “Boats of Musandam Peninsula

  1. Beautiful, BTW what is the history behind Musandam. Why is it a part of Oman when it lies in the UAE???

  2. FDsouza,
    Yes, they are beautiful boats. I wish I knew more about Musandam and its history. Hopefully an Omani with more knowledge can answer this one for you…

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