Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

On a recent trip to Oman’s northernmost region, Musandam, these signs warning of rocks possibly falling down are not to be taken lightly!

Tried to get a pic through the windshield of the roadside cliffs.  It’s only been a few years since Musandam has been accessible by road.  The newly constructed western coastal road (connecting to the UAE) has cliffs hanging partially over the road which seemed ready to fall down.

Looking down on the coastal Musandam road from the highpoint of Al Harf village.

Looking down on the least inhabited side of Bukha from an ancient watchtower on the highest point of this coastal city. Gorgeous area!

3 ladies from the coastal village of al Jerry sitting down and enjoying one another’s company.

I saw this goat way up on an interesting looking cliff and thought to myself, “How on earth did he get up there?” and “How is he going to get down?”

Moments later it was the goat’s turn to wonder the same thing about me!  🙂

This goat, jumping down from a small village cemetery in Musandam, reminds me of the lyrics to the Tom Petty song, “Learning to Fly“: “I’m learning to fly, but I aint got wings.  Coming down is the hardest thing!”

This last pic was taken back in Muscat.  My friend and old colleague from Handong University in South Korea, Mark, visited us recently.  He came down from a vacation in Dubai for a quick 23 hour visit.  This pic captures the moment where Mark almost went down in history as the first tourist to be devoured by dinosaurs in Oman! (Phew, that was a close one!)  🙂

6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

  1. Wow. Amazing. Awesome pics.

  2. Andy – I do believe you provide the single best resource for Oman’s tourism industry! You should be on the payroll. Loved reading your blog before I arrived in Oman, of course during my time there, and now that I have left, I love keeping up with all that is going on! Hope you are all doing well. — Char

    • Char,
      Nice to hear from you! Looks like life in Germany is pretty good! We sure do miss you here in Muscat! Blessings to you and the entire family. Much love from all of us here!

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