Daily Archives: March 1, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

The weekly photo challenge for this week is “indulge and with a 2 year old boy, it’s easy enough to come up with pics of our son indulging himself, haha!

Gershom indulging himself on a strawberry.

Our son (thanks to his “Tita“…) loves indulging himself on McDonald’s icecream.  It started with just munching on the cones, but slowly over time it has given way to the complete icecream.

Our baby sometimes surprises us in the most hilarious ways.  This picture captures one of those moments.  Gershom’s aunt, Tess, recently taught Gershom the naughty habit of coming up to me before going off to buy a balloon or spend money at Magic Planet (indoor amusement park) and screaming, “Daddy, money!”  Well, he must have observed where daddy gets this money that helps him indulge in the simple pleasures of life because he ran up to this bank machine and tried pushing buttons saying, “Money! Money!”  Boy, do they ever start early!  🙂

Indulge me a proud fatherly moment as I share something personal about my son with you.  Amazing as it sounds, one of my son’s first words was “bible“.  He would pick up one of the Bibles around our home (usually this smaller good news translation on the lower shelf) and open it up ever so respectfully and pretend to be reading it (often upside down! 🙂 ) and would say “Bible. Bible.”  I’m not sure where he got this from.  Smile of a Child network which runs almost 24/7 in our home perhaps.  From church services on Friday mornings maybe.  I’m not really sure but all I can pray and hope is that we as his parents with God’s grace can cultivate a deep love and respect for God’s word in his life.  From a spiritual point of view, I must say that I was somewhat suprised that wordpress would choose “indulge” as its weekly photo challenge during the 1st week of Lent season, which is a time for Christians worldwide to focus on the last 40 days of Christ’s earthly ministry leading up to his death, burial and resurrection.  Odd, isn’t it?

Nothing says “indulge” like birthdays! (as long as it’s not “over-indulge“…)  This past Sunday (Feb. 22nd), Gershom celebrated a simple 2nd birthday at home with his parents and Aunt.

Tomorrow he’ll have a few close friends over to celebrate God’s protection and provision in bringing him through another year of life!  Thank You, Lord, for giving us such a sweet and loveable son who is SO full of personality.  We pray that You will continue to give us more and more of Your grace, love and patience as we seek to raise him to the glory of Your Name!