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Bukha Fort, Musandam Governorate, Northern Oman

Bukha Fort was built in the 17th century by Saif bin Sultan Al Ya’rubi, a powerful ruler whose influence extended into Persia, India and East Africa.” (A Concise Guide to Musandam, Ministry of Tourism)  It is one of the landmarks that is impossible to miss as you drive from the UAE border to Khasab, the capital of Musandam.

The watchtower is said to be pear shaped in order to repel cannon balls more effectively than your standard, cornered towers.

The tower lookouts could see invaders clearly, whether approaching from land or sea.

The fort was renovated in 1990.

That structure in the foreground is “the prison pit”.

A closer look at the ancient prison.

An ancient torture device that I’ve seen at several of the fort throughout Oman.  They would lock your legs into the cut out sections of wood there.

Up to the main tower and best view from the fort

Looking in the opposite direction of the sea is this lovely view of the surrounding mountains and one of Bukha’s ancient watchtowers on an overlooking hill.

View from Bukha fort looking down the coast in the direction of Khasab

Interesting info from Khasab Fort Museum about how Bukha was Oman’s first offshore oil field.  “The Bukha field was discovered in 1979 and began production in 1994.  The gas is trapped 3,000 meters under the sea bed in limestone.  Very light oil condensed from the gas fetches a high price on the international market.”  That container contains Bukha field gas-condensate.  The museum reports that the quality of the oil is so high that it could be used to run a car automatically without further refining!

View of Bukha fort and town during lowtide from a little park at Bukha Marina