Priorities: People or Possessions?

Cable theft=5 years. Selling of human beings for sexual exploitation=1.5 months.  Trying to wrap my mind around such this discrepancy in handing out jail terms as found in Muscat Daily’s March 28th “legal roundup“.  It reminded me of a Bible study I took part in with Pastor Michael Peppin looking at Revelation chapter 18, verses 11 to 13.  It shows the priorities of the world just before God’s judgment of the world.  It lists “gold” at the head of the list (most important) and ends with “human beings sold as slaves” (the least important to them therefore found last on the list).

8 responses to “Priorities: People or Possessions?

  1. Don’t bother trying to figure it out, Andy!
    The best thing in the world to do is just leave the region and let them crack on with it.
    In a few years, they will no longer be needed for oil, gas or tax-free salaries. Then it’s back to the desert tents and the goats.
    Oman is not sustainable in its current form once the money ain’t coming in for resources anymore.
    They can’t do tourism, and despite all the crap in the brochures, they can’t do hospitality!
    It’s only a matter of time……
    This is what they want. Let them have it!

    • The news report doesn’t provide any details. It might be bigger than just stealing cables. Theft sentences in Oman are proportional to the value and amount of goods stolen and in most cases they don’t exceed 5 months.

      Dookee, why don’t you wrap your things up and get the eff out of my country if it bugs you to live here so much? It’s strange that an obnoxious ill-wisher who carries so much contempt for Omanis follows a blog about Oman!

      BTW, all the attempts to shift to renewable energy in current times are destined to fail, so rest assured that world will remain dependent on oil for a long long time.

      • exinanio,
        You’re right that the news report doesn’t provide many details. I just found it to be an interesting comparison when they had 5 year theft sentences directly above a 1.5 month trafficking sentence. Hard to miss the difference in jail terms there!

        BTW, I think you are quite right about the world remaining dependent on oil for a long long time!

    • Doodee,
      The reason I posted this news article is because I know a lot of people (including some fine Omanis) would scratch their heads over the reasoning of such decisions. The Omanis seem to be doing quite well in tourism and I believe that enough people (like me and my family) are impressed enough with their hospitality that tourism will continue to grow and expats will continue to flock to Oman to live here comfortably. Sure there are challenges with living in Oman at times, but for the most part it’s an incredibly beautiful country that we’re proud to call home (for the time being). Thanks for taking the time to comment. I hope you’ll reconsider your outlook of the people in the region. We know there are plenty of people who come here only to take take-free salaries and then head for the hills, but that’s not us. We’d like to live here for many more years, enjoy the country with a positive attitude and contribute to its improvement, God willing.

  2. Doodee: I have found Omanis to be super hospitable. Alot of people in Oman don’t meet the Omanis I have I guess.

    Though the Omanis I know would agree with your assessment of the economic future of their country unless they can convince the next generation to change it:(

    Andy: So SAD! There’s a gap in the law to be sure. I am going to try to do something about this. I’ll ask around and let you know. Theft is dealt with pretty harshly in Omani law. But selling human cargo is a theft of the human spirit and self worth and decency. One of the reasons I married MOP is because he saved a Moroccan girl in Oman from being sold by a Jordanian sicko to string like one of those mentioned. I just keep thinking to muself, what if that was me? I would want someone to save me, offer me something better.

    • Princess,
      Thanks for the comment. Interesting story about MOP! I wish more people felt like you and were able to ask themselves “What if that was me?” (or “my sister?”!?)

  3. and you know what I read after I take break from your blog? This

    It is so horrible. At least they are being punished but what if their son hadn’t had been more moral? And why couldn’t he have helped her before? THAT POOR WOMAN. May she have peace now.

    As soon as I get my Omani passport I really will try to change these things. I know that’s Kuwait and this is Oman. But a maid agency my SIL hired from here thought it was okay to slap the maids. ?! Grrrrrrr.

    I wish I could get some men to go undercover at these so-called massage parlours and catch the human trafficking ring operators. The thing is, they usually aren’t the owners of the rackets. The women have been *passed off* to them.

    I will never forget a PDO story of a bunch of Fillipina and Indian maids locked in a rape house in Kuwair. It was years ago but still haunts. How they asked for help from a barred window and begged not to be left alone to a fellow woman but when help came they’d already been moved. 😥 I don’t know how human beings can do such things to eachother, I don’t.
    I never ever will. Going to sleep. Am too sad.

    • Yes, there are a lot sad and sick cases out there. It seems that the value of humanlife in the world is at an alltime low.

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