NGOs expelled from the U.A.E.

NGOs expelled from the U.A.E..

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Once again glad to be living in Oman rather than any of its neighboring countries!

4 responses to “NGOs expelled from the U.A.E.

  1. thanks for posting, andy.

  2. I don’t think any of those pro-democracy groups are allowed to operate in oman anyways. I am a supporter of a united muslim ummah (people) without borders or countries or nations so I’m not exactly a royalist (but there’s alot of leadership and visionary qualities I admire in his Majesty) and no supporter of a socialist or capitalist form of democracy in anyway, but to quote somone who needs no introduction, “I may not agree with a word you say but I will support your right to say it.” BUT A COUNTRY REVOKING CITIZENSHIP of its citizens is a country unwilling to take responsibilty for itself, which I have found true in my experiences emmersed for a short while in Emirati culture. I hope God changes this in them in the future.

    • Thanks for your opinion, Princess. I also hope there are many changes to the UAE as parts of the Emirates sound fascinating to me, but many parts make me cringe and all the happier to be living in Oman.

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