The Gift of New Life!

I’m sure some of my readers think I’m about to jump on my soapbox and give a sermon with a title like that and especially seeing how it’s Easter (and who knows I just might! 🙂 )…but I’m talking about the gift of physical birth (which comes before any 2nd birth can occur) in the form of a beautiful baby! :-)

Naomi Maria Brown made her debut in this world between the glorious days of Good Friday and Easter Sunday 2012! Perfect timing!  She weighed 3.27 kgs at birth and she definitely has mommy’s lips!  I love the name Naomi which comes from the Old Testament book of Ruth.  “Naomi” means “pleasant” and it’s a great reminder that life is pleasant indeed when we keep our eyes on God and not on our own circumstances (good or bad) in life.  If we keep our eyes only on our circumstances we run the risk of saying (like Ruth’s mother-in-law) “Don’t call me Naomi.  Call me Mara. (which means “bitter“)  (Ruth 1:20-21Here’s something I read on the book of Ruth which explains it better.  “Maria” as a 2nd name is a tribute to both her mother and the earthly mother of our Lord. (But NO we do not “worship” Mary! Thought I’d make that clear for you all out there! 😉 )  Thank You, LORD, for another precious soul that You ultimately are Creator, Provider, and Guide for and have put the awesome temporary responsibility for the care, nurture and guidance into our hands.  We do not take such a beautiful responsibility lightly and may we ever lean upon Your Everlasting Arms. 

10 responses to “The Gift of New Life!

  1. Many Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations!
    I too gave birth on Good Friday (many moons ago).
    I christened my little one Anne-Marie.

    • Maryam,
      Thanks for the congratulations! Love your name by the way. I don’t think a whole lot of North Americans are aware that that was actually the real name of the mother of Jesus (not Mary!). By the way, our daughter, Naomi, was born on Saturday, April 7th. I should have made that clear. All the best to you, Anne-Marie and the entire family! 🙂

  3. Congratulations!! Our prayers & blessings for all of you! 😀

    • Alice,
      Thank you! Prayers & blessings are ALWAYS appreciated. We pray that all is well with you and your family as well and that you all had a fabulous Resurrection Sunday! 🙂

  4. Mabruk, aka congratualtions! I love baby girls!

    A little prayer/dua we say for her protection: May she follow God’s path and he protect/uide her on it, find happiness in humble and beautiful things, and never marry ‘aulad haraam’ [a bad man/unrepentant sinner]. Ameen.

    What a cutie!

  5. Congratulations!!

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