Looking for a “Convent-Educated Man”?!

I sometimes have to scratch my head in bewilderment when reading papers here in Oman.  In the Matrimony Section of Muscat Daily I keep seeing ads worded like this one:

OK…so this girl is “convent-educated” – I get that…but she’s seeking a groom who is “convent-educated”?!  Does that seem odd to anyone else out there? Hello?!  Doesn’t “convent-educated” mean that you have lived or at least stayed in a convent for a certain period of time? And isn’t it usually nuns that go to a convent? And, correct me if I’m wrong, (Am I really going out on a limb here?!) but aren’t the majority of (dare I so ALL!) nuns actually “women”?!  Things that make me go “Hmm…”!

8 responses to “Looking for a “Convent-Educated Man”?!

  1. Apparently all Christian run schools in India have come to be known as Convent schools, so convent educated means “educated through the medium of English in a christian run school”

  2. I always wondered about that phrasing too. Thank you Paul forclarifying.

  3. Damn, it’s fun trying to discern meaning from this stuff XD .

  4. Paul is on the money with the convent stuff..notice how they snuck in Fair 🙂 lol its a crazy world.

    • I’ve googled and found several sites that try to explain why they call christian run schools “convent schools” but it still doesn’t make it any less ridiculous, haha!

  5. Hillarious…brought a smile to me face at a much needed time.

    • Hi Pearl,
      Glad to bring a smile to your face! Praying that you and your precious son, Qahtan, can be united sometime soon! God bless!

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