Sumatra Tsunami Alert Along Omani Coast (but Unlikely)

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I’m sure most people are aware that a major earthuake (magnitude of 8.7) occured a few hours ago not far from Indonesia.  There has been a tsunami warning for many countries along the Indian Ocean, including an alert for Oman with strong waves possible occuring from 7pm onward. Here is a clip from Oman TV (if you understand Arabic): (Thanks, Noora! 🙂 )

CNN reports that there is a very small chance of any serious waves because of the location of the 2nd aftershock earthquake which had a magnitude of 8.2, but you can never be too careful.  It is currently raining in Muscat, Oman.  I wouldn’t recommend being near the coastline for the next few hours just as a precaution.  Thank God they are reporting that there haven’t been any casualties connected to the earthquake so far.  The Indian Ocean regions are slowly, one by one, removing their alerts.

2 responses to “Sumatra Tsunami Alert Along Omani Coast (but Unlikely)

  1. The arabic news says that the effect will be only (maybe) in Dhofar and Dukum regions and nothing to worry. Its effect is expected by Sunday (if any).

    • Anony,
      Thanks for the info. Seems that there was no need for all the concern but it’s good to be cautious.

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