Daily Archives: April 15, 2012

ArabStands.com – Free Voices, United



ArabStands is the soon-to-be-launced (late June) pan-Arab free speech movement and a central content hub uniting the best voices (stands) in the Arab world. It also acts as a bridge to western readers, publishing the most insightful, inspirational & Innovative content from the Arab world’s best & brightest.  The goal is to empower Arab voices globally.” (from a personal email sent from the founder of ArabStands)

I feel very honored to be a part of ArabStands even though I’m not Arab (in case you didn’t know, dear reader! 🙂 )  Arab Stands has over 100 publishers, under 40 portals/blogs, across 11 Arab countries.  This includes publishers from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Jordan Saudi, Oman and more.  I am humbled that they have decided to include my blog within this united & fast growing network!  🙂