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ArabStands is the soon-to-be-launced (late June) pan-Arab free speech movement and a central content hub uniting the best voices (stands) in the Arab world. It also acts as a bridge to western readers, publishing the most insightful, inspirational & Innovative content from the Arab world’s best & brightest.  The goal is to empower Arab voices globally.” (from a personal email sent from the founder of ArabStands)

I feel very honored to be a part of ArabStands even though I’m not Arab (in case you didn’t know, dear reader! 🙂 )  Arab Stands has over 100 publishers, under 40 portals/blogs, across 11 Arab countries.  This includes publishers from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Jordan Saudi, Oman and more.  I am humbled that they have decided to include my blog within this united & fast growing network!  🙂


3 responses to “ – Free Voices, United

  1. Wow 😀 good going Andy! That sounds like a brilliant gathering and congratulations on being asked to become a part of it .

  2. Thanks, Antony! Check out their website and see what it’s all about. I am quite humbled that they would want my little old blog to be part of it. There are a number of Christian blogs connected with ArabStands which is nice to see. People might automatically assume “Muslim” when they hear the word “Arab” and so it’s nice to have other voices heard covering a wide diversity.

  3. HeyyAndy! Greetings from Jordan. I saw some visited my blog from here, so I wanted to say hello. Arab Stands contacted me too, but I am on hiatus for a bit so figured it wasn’t the time. God bless you all richly this day!

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