Extraterrestrial Meteorites in Oman?!

(Image from Mr. Meteorite)

One my latest trip to Al Hoota Cave, I found myself fascinated with the information regarding extraterrestrial meteorites which have been found in Oman.  (Sounds like it would make for a great sci-fi movie, no?! 😉 )  The museum at Al Hoota is worth paying a visit if you make it out that way.

If you are interested in reading more about meteorites found in Oman, click here to read this article from Nizwa.net.  I found out here and on several other websites that people are selling meteorites which they’ve found in Oman.  Wow! $395 for a 564 gram chunk of rock.  Maybe I’ll start up a new hobby of “meteorite hunting” on the weekends here.

Meteorite Men – Oman version – starring “Andy in Oman”…what do you think? 😉

8 responses to “Extraterrestrial Meteorites in Oman?!

  1. Rajan Chaurasia

    Last time when i was at Natural History Museum in London and going through some of their exotic stuff, I found Oman’s name on a plaque beneath a meteorite on display mentioning it was originally found there.
    Your post gives credence to my belief that possibily there could be many more such stuff in the vast desert around… 🙂

    • Rajan,
      I’m sure others would agree. That’s why people continue to explore Oman looking for more meteorites.

  2. Not something you should be encouraging people to do. It’s against the law, with serious consequences:

    • Anon,
      Thanks for the advice but I think most intelligent people reading this would be able to see that I was JOKING, rather than planning or “encouraging” others to do so. Let’s leave the meteorite hunting for the experts. Believe me, I’ve got far better things to do on weekends then to go rummaging through the dirt in Oman! 😉

  3. ^ crap. I as just going to offer help if you needed it Andy, meteorite sounds like a fun summer past time :p .

  4. This is definitely a great hobby, if I were in Oman I would get a 4WD and try my luck…

    • Well, looking at your website link, you obviously see this as less of a hobby and more as a steady source of income. According to the article Anonymous posted there, it seems dangerous to do so here in the Sultanate!

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