Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

This was last week’s photo challenge.  I’ve had internet problems this past week but that doesn’t mean I should miss out on such a great prompt as “together“!

Gershom and Naomi together at home.

It’s a real joy to watch our two little ones interact with one another.  Here is a short video of these two together:

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10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

  1. I agree – together is a tough prompt to skip! Let’s see, my family roots come from all over the East, but they came TOGETHER in Jamaica for a brief period of time and then spread out again all over the world. I look forward to your next challenge!

  2. Oh my goodness-a daughter, too?! Man! I’ve missed out on some posts. What a beautiful family you have, and thank you, yet again, for sharing your family with us. May God continue to use and bless you. :D

    • Yes, we now have “one of each”! :-) Thanks always for your encouragement, Dulcinea. May God continue to bless you as well. Keep up the fine blogging. You’re an inspiration to many!

      • So are you Andy, from day 1 :) And thank you, too, for your awesome encouragement. I really love the way you showcase another culture, which here in the West is scary, but I for one think it’s very lovely. :)

        • Well, we definitely love the culture and people here in Oman. Incredible place to live and we feel blessed to be here! :-)

  3. I am on a roll today with the comments but I have been MIA for a while. You have a beautiful family Andy. Thank you for sharing all this with us :)

    • Jado,
      There is no need to apologize for “over commenting” on this blog, my friend! Anytime! Thanks for the compliments regarding the family. ALWAYS appreciated! ;-)

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