Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Share a picture that is BLUE with everyone!”  Well, if you are a frequent viewer of this blog, you’ll know that I often like to use the weekly photo challenge as a great excuse to post pics of my sweet son, Gershom.


  There sure is a lot of blue in that first pic: the blue sky in the background, the blue shirt on my son and the blue car.  I laugh when I see this pic because little did we know almost 2 years ago when this pic was taken that Gershom would become such a HUGE “Cars” fan! (& “Cars 2” of course and the lastest obsession with “Mater’s Tall Tales”)

Here’s another pic that screams “Blue” to me.  It’s a picture I bought at the Turtle Nature Reserve just outside Sur, Oman.  It’s titled “Sur Fishing Scene” and it hangs on one of our hallways:

2 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

  1. Both pictures are beautiful but looks like the first one won your heart. Our children are the best reason to celebrate everyday!

    • island traveler,
      Thanks a lot! You are right about the first pic. My wife and 2 kids are (after the gift of Christ Himself) the best gifts God has given to me!

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