My Internet Saga Continues

It’s been 2 weeks and Omantel still hasn’t sent a technician to my home to “reinstall my internet” as promised.  Why on earth would I need my internet reinstalled?  That, my friend, is a great question and its answer borders on the stranger-than-fiction!

When I first got my internet hooked up last year it took me 76 days to get it installed after some help from fellow blogger, Blue-Chi.  Well, after receiving the same bill each month in the fall for only 10 rials for installation and nothing for the internet, I started to realize that something was odd.  The whole problem stemmed from the important fact that the internet technician (trying to be very helpful!) realized that there was some problem with my connection so he plugged in his own username and password!  That was clarified at the end of this year and so they wanted to charge me for months of his internet use although my account had never officially been opened.  They gave me a new account at the beginning of this year and it was so nice to have super fast internet with unlimited use.  We even had a friend figure out how to get wifi hooked up in the home so the wife and I had free reign of the internet.  It was fantastic while it lasted!  2 weeks ago they suddenly turned off my internet and I’m still waiting for them to reinstall it.

A few days ago (May 12th to be exact), I thought “Enough is enough!” and so I picked up a Friendi modem for 29 rials which came with something like 6 GB and advertised as “one month of internet”.

The lovely Aida at the Muscat City Centre Friendi counter between Starbucks and Chilli’s.  I must say that getting hooked up was as easy as filling out this form (which Aida did herself) and handing over my residence card as proof of ID:

Well today that amount was down to o MB! Seems that “one month of internet” was more like 4 days! The same kind of thing happened when I was part of the Nawras “Gold Program” when I was first hooked up to the internet in Muscat ages ago-I was charged oodles for “overuse”.

This is the modem I got for 29 rials which came with a few GBs which lasted only a few days.  I bought an omantel SIM card and I’m using that in this friendli modem (but I had to sign in with my old Nawras Internet E220 modem icon to get it to work!).  You can use the internet for 24 hours through omantel by texting *141*24# and hitting send.  Or 7 days through *141*7# .  I think it’s the next best thing as you wait for Omantel to send the technician to your house to install highspeed broadband.  

I highly recommend taking a good look at Muscat Muttering’s recent post on “Internet in Oman” to answer many questions you may have about the best online option for you here in the Sultanate.

By the way, if you want to find out the approximate download and upload speed that your network is giving you, go to and simply click “begin test”.

6 responses to “My Internet Saga Continues

  1. I don’t know about you but I lose it when I find I don’t have access to the internet for more than an hour or so :-/ ….. and yeah i remember Omantel being famously late with the net installations. We use the Nawras net dongle at home which is pretty good.

    • Antony,
      It’s definitely not a cool feeling to be “cut off from civilization”! I keep hearing good things about the latest Nawras modem with unlimited internet for 25 rials. That would have been my next option if they were any slower with the installation. 😉

  2. How did you get through 6gb in a few days? normal browsing should be maybe 200-300mb a day (damn those images and auto loading videos). i have a nawras platinum ‘unlimited’ for 25 rials a month, installed within minutes at home.

    • Daniel,
      We go through GBs in our house faster than Omanis go through a basket of dates! 🙂 My wife enjoys watching Filipina TV programs and I upload videos to youtube quite regularly. My son’s latest habit is making us watch video after video of choo choo trains and ABC videos by pointing at the images on youtube and demanding “this one”, “this one”, one after another. One of the main reasons the 6 GBs from Friendli went so incredibly fast (I’m convinced) is I think my wife left the internet running even when she wasn’t using it… (But you didn’t hear that from me! 😉 ) If Omantel shuts me down again, I’m definitely getting the Nawras Platinum. Thanks!

  3. I too have a b(i)etter experience with Omantel. The land line applied for my residence in Ghala with an expectation for an ADSL internet connection is dragging for months with two inspections by the Technicians who can not trace the DB feeding the building.
    May be I will follow Daniel with Nawras…one question…do you have facility to connect a WIFI gadget? to expand the use of the internet?
    aj francis

    • aj,
      Yes, I think anyone who gets the Omantel ADSL hooked up can (if they know what they’re doing) connect wifi to their house, or at least the area immediately surrounding the modem. Luckily I had a helpful Omani friend who is a wiz with such things hook it up for me!

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