Attention Filipino Food Lovers! ChowKing is Now Open!

This is from ChowKing’s website.  Apparently the grand opening was a HUGE success!  It was mostly attended by Filipinos and the Philippines Embassy even had a representative there!

This pic as well as the nice one of the food below are courtesy of our friend, Tin Daluz Barroba, who was there with her husband and friends at the grand opening on Sunday, May 20th.  We reported that she had to wait one hour before the order was taken and then another hour for the food to arrive.  She still thought it was well worth it and here is why:

Mmm!  This really makes me miss the Philippines!  🙂

Have any of you local readers been to ChowKing yet?  If so, how was your experience?  Here’s a nice report from Muscat Daily about the opening of ChowKing in Qurum City Center food court in Al Qurum, Muscat.    For more info, call ChowKing at 24470907           Here is their UAE facebook page.

10 responses to “Attention Filipino Food Lovers! ChowKing is Now Open!

  1. Mmmm, might have to try this on Thursday!! 🙂

  2. What time the store opens?

  3. Not so good experience! We were there at the opening and we waited for more than 2 hours to get our order. The quality of food is not as good as the one in the Phils or in Dubai. The price is doubled compared to the one in the Phils and around 20-30% higher compared to Dubai price. They should improve the quality of their food otherwise people will just try to dine in and will never return again. Just a small advice from a chowking fan – since 99% of their customers are Filipinos, they should put a filipino staff at the counter. The Indian guy who took our orders is not as accomodating and welcoming as the typical Filipino staff who greets someone with a smile.

    • Anon,
      I think anyone who knows ChowKing would agree with what you’re saying but it’s not stopping the Filipinos from lining up and buying! (Including my wife and sister-in-law!) 🙂

  4. roger clarkson

    I definitely agree. I went there days after the grand opening and ordered the appetizer platter. Horrendous! The siomai was hard as a rock, the lumpia was pretty saggy and not crispy at all. Rest of the appetizers taste bland – nothing like the other ChowKings I have visited in California and Dubai. Pretty sad. I tried to explain this to the Indian supervisor but it’s hard for him to understand because he probably doesn’t eat much Filipino food to begin with. This joint will go down fast if they don’t hire competent managers and service people who knows how true Filipino food should taste like. Overall, I’d give it a one star out of five.

    • Roger,
      I don’t think this place is going to “go down fast” at all with all the Filipinas in Oman lining up to eat it. “Better a crapper version of food from back home than none at all”, they must be thinking. I understand that the chefs are Filipino and the Indians are the ones serving it up. Maybe they’ll work out the bugs and hopefully the food will get closer and closer to the real thing over time.

  5. Thats true

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