The Middle East – Where do YOU think I live?

Haha! I love this!  So much truth to this.  I especially had to chuckle at “where the locals think I’m from“.  Oman is definitely much more than any of these images or even ones that are conjured up in ones mind but we’re glad to call this place “home” for now.


5 responses to “The Middle East – Where do YOU think I live?

  1. And here we go again, dear Andy 🙂 We must be telepathic because I also posted this! Is your Internet at home sorted out now? I noticed a lack of posts and restaurant reviews! Ciao

  2. Why am I anonymous? Very weird…

    • Alessandra,
      You’re never anonymous to me thanks to comment moderation, haha!
      I’m going to have to make a habit of going to your blog before I post something to see if you’ve ever posted it. I’m sure it’s not so much a case of “telepathy” as much as it is “it’s a small world type of thing” and I’m sure most people living in Oman had at least a few friends share this on facebook. That’s where I found it. BTW, the internet at home is all sorted out and so expect plenty of posts coming your way! 😉

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