From “Batman Begins” to “The Dark Knight Rises”

Watching movies is one of my major vices.  Like anyone else, I enjoy watching a movie now and then on the big screen.  I also enjoy collecting movies whenever I get a chance.  When I left Korea back in 2006, I left behind hundreds of movies I had collected.  Some of the best were sent home to family in Canada.





I was watching Batman Begins last night from the collection of 240 movies I’ve amassed so far here in the Sultanate.  The one line from the movie that stood out from all the rest for me is this one:

Your compassion is a weakness your enemies will not share.”

Batman/Wayne replies, “That’s why it’s so important.  It separates us from them.”  Well said!

Just found out that the conclusion to the Batman movies is scheduled to come out this summer: The Dark Knight Rises.  There are 3 trailers for it on the Warner Bros Picture’s Youtube page but the third one is the best.  Here it is:

Looks awesome!  I hope it makes it to Oman  at the same time it hits the theatres in the US.  It’s scheduled to open in the States on July 20th.  The movies listed on the “coming soon” page of Al Shatti Cinema only goes until July 12th so far so we’ll have to wait and see… (Thanks to Rantonit for tipping me off that Batman is scheduled to come out soon!)  It was funny to read on the IMDB trivia page for Batman Begins that the Batmobile was hit by a drunkdriver while filming in Chicago.  The driver thought it was “an invading alien spacecraft”, haha!


3 responses to “From “Batman Begins” to “The Dark Knight Rises”

  1. Hey Andy, I am in Muscat for week and hunting for a Cinema complex to watch TDKR,the websites for all major cinemas seem clueless.

    • Anon,
      Sorry for the late reply! I have no idea why none of the cinemas are playing TDKR! Some of the big releases make it here on the same date as theatres in the States so why does it seem like it’s not even coming to Oman?!?!

  2. YIPPEE! Just checked City Cinema’s “coming soon” list and the Dark Knight Rises will come to Shatti Cinema on August 19th! Can’t wait!

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