Omantel Problems Solved with One Trip to HQ

This morning, it seemed as if all my Omantel problems were close to being sorted out and I simply had to wait for technicians to come to my house.  That all changed when talking to an Omantel helpline agent (accessed by dialing 1300) this morning who said I owed 100 rials from last year for the previous account that they mucked up.  I knew that was nonsense because I have often asked and confirmed whenever talking to Omantel employees whether the account had in fact been paid and terminated.  I was guaranteed that the final payment of 77 rials on May 4th would be the last I’d hear about the matter.  Now this new guy I’m talking to this morning tells me I still owe 100 rials?!?!   In fact, that account had never really even been activated in the first place.  Well, enough was enough and I finally decided to do what several people have suggested is the best solution to any serious Omantel problem – I visited the Omantel Headquarters on the Nizwa road on the way to SQU.

If you have serious issues with Omantel, I highly recommend you visit HQ if you have the time.  It seems they can get more done there, especially if you bring in all pertinent paperwork and previous bills with you.  The main entrance facing the Nizwa Road does not open up to non employees from the outside so instead of standing there trying to push on the big glass doors, you better enter on the left or right side of the building.

Check in with reception of course and they’ll have someone come down to get you a visitor’s badge and take you upstairs to try and sort through your problems.  The security of this building is quite impressive.  Only employees with the correct electronic ID cards are able to use elevators to avoid having people roaming through the halls.  Interesting.

After an hour of sitting down and going through the whole mess with one of the team leaders, Adil Araimi, paper by paper, step by step, I was assured that technicians would be at the house within 24 hours to install the internet.  True to his word, 2 Pakistani subcontractors came to my home 1 hour later after calling to confirm the address.  With a few phone calls and administrative touches, my internet was reconnected within 20 minutes.  I forgot just how fast Omantel connection is!  Yippee!!  The cheapest unlimited package is 20 rials at 2 mps but I signed up for 5mps at 25 rials/month.

I signed up for 5mps and this is quite far from it (from , but I’m not about to rock the boat now that everything’s up and running.  Now it’s just a matter of waiting to see “what they decide” about the so-called billing problem of trying to charge me an extra 100 rials next week…To be continued.

A big thank you to Mr. Sythe at Muscat Mutterings for the support/suggestions, Jalal Al Addullatif for his help in getting things sorted out and ultimately to Adil Alraimi for getting things done today.  Incidently, this week is “Customer Care Week” at Omantel! (June 2-6th) Perfect timing or what?!  😉  I know there are a lot of dedicated employees working at Omantel.  I really hope for the sake of those trying desperately to get internet hooked up in the internet that they can fix all communication problems that seem to exist when dealing with different departments.  This past week the CEO of Omantel, Dr. Amer al Rawa, won a prestigious award for “Human Resources”.  Good for him and the company.  Now if only they would work even harder on customer service.


6 responses to “Omantel Problems Solved with One Trip to HQ

  1. So that’s the trick…… No wonder they’ve hidden HQ in Nizwa. I had no idea about that one.

    Anyways, good for you, finally getting connected again 🙂 .

    • Hey, Antony!
      The main building is not actually in Nizwa. It’s on the NIZWA ROAD. It’s about a 5 minute drive from the clock tower near Muscat City Center Seeb as one drives along the highway in the direction of Nizwa. By the way, thanks. It’s great to be back online! 🙂

  2. Greetings from Buraimi! Enjoy your blog, encouraged to see a believer active in the Oman blogosphere. Out of curiosity, I checked our internet connection on – at the 20 OR/month price, it gave me 2 Mbps download and .49 Mbps upload, even out here in the wilderness. Might be worth following up once the old bill issue is settled – or downgrading and saving the 5 OR/month. And, yes, it did take about a month and many gentle reminders to the poor Omantel guys in town to get the internet installed. (This was after it took more than a year to get a phone line, because all the lines in our area were being used!)

    • Mark,
      Thanks for the encouraging comments! I don’t think I’m going to rock the boat at all now that I’m connected. I hear that it can be quite a headache to upgrade or downgrade so I think I’ll just be content with the fact that I’m connected! 🙂 WOW! That’s sad that you had to wait a year to get a phone line. But like Proberbs 13:19 states, “A desire fulfilled is sweet to the soul.”! 🙂

  3. Mark, there was a time when properly placed baksheesh would have gotten Omantel to disconnect some poor slob and give the line to you? I guess things are improving now eh.

  4. Ken,
    I had to google that one! 😉 I’d say things are definitely improving!

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