Incredible Al Bustan Palace Summer Package!

This almost seems too good to be true!  We’ve always played with the idea of staying overnight at the Al Bustan Palace (now known officially as “Al Bustan Palace Ritz Carlton Hotel) but now this great promo for residents of Oman leaves us with no excuses not to!  Call now while there are spots.  Especially with our extended 4 day weekend!!!  So looking forward to this.  🙂  For reservations, call +968-2476-4205


5 responses to “Incredible Al Bustan Palace Summer Package!

  1. Andy, It sounds great. How long is the offer running for? Does it include taxes? Where can I find out more? Nothing up on the Al Bustan website.

  2. Jenny,
    Sorry I didn’t include the phone number as I cropped the photo from the paper. I’ve included the number to call for reservations or more info – +968 2476-4205. The offer runs until August 15th. The fine print reads, “Rates are per room per night and are subject to tax and service charge and are not applicable to groups. Advance reservations are required. Rates are subject to availability at the time of booking.” I noticed this promo in today’s Muscat Daily and so we booked a room right away. I thought it was a great deal and worth sharing with my readers. The email message I received states a grand total of 70.43 Oman Rials (59.829 for room + 5.82 for gov tax and fees + 4.79 for service charges) so it seems to include tax! I hope that helps you out.

  3. We did this weekend several times in ’87 or 88 when the Al Bustan Palace opened. It is just down the road a few miles from the Marine Science and Fisheries Center where I worked. I especially liked the swimming pool with the water level even with the sidewalk. I think the price then was about $50 so probably OR 20 at 2.2 OR per US Dollar. And we had a couple of embassy function there as well. A really neat place.

    • Ken,
      Yes, the wife and I always enjoy our visits to the Al Bustan. Fabulous place! We are really looking forward to staying overnight with the 2 little ones. That’s fascinating that you were there when it opened. Thanks for commenting.

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