Khasab Hotel, Musandam

If you ever make it to Musandam (which I highly recommend), Khasab Hotel is a nice midrange option for hotels.

I didn’t end up staying in this hotel, but the prices were much lower than the Golden Tulip Khasab.  You can check out the rates (which they oddly call “tariff”…) here on their website, but I recommend calling and negotiating as you can often get a better deal that way.  Keep in mind that breakfast buffet comes with the room. (They should add that to the website, I think!)   20% discount on their listed prices from June 1st to 17th of August!

The restaurant didn’t look like much, but then again there are plenty of restaurants around Khasab worth checking out anyway.

Pretty decent pool at Khasab Hotel

Interesting items found in the Khasab Hotel gift shop

If you want to enjoy Musandam for a few days and don’t want to break the bank doing so, Khasab Hotel seems like a nice option. Tel:  +968 26730267 / 26730271  Email :                                                   Website:  Anyone reading this ever stay at Khasab Hotel?  If so, how was your experience?

Here is a great review of the hotel from fellow blogger, “A Nomad in the Land of Nizwa”.

10 responses to “Khasab Hotel, Musandam

  1. So funny Andy! We were just looking online at this hotel at the minute you published this!! We’re hoping to check it out this weekend!!

  2. Do you know of any other hotels that are located up here, smaller family-run places?

  3. Hi, Cathy! It’s all about timing, right?! There is a nice family run hotel I was going to post about later called Esra Hotel Apartments but am about to go watch a movie with Mrs. Brown. They are affiliated with and can be contacted at 2673-0464. Give them a ring and ask about their rates. I hope this helps you out. I’ll try getting pics and info about Esra Hotel Apartments by tomorrow.

  4. We camped when we went to Musandum, but spoke to some people who stayed at Khasab Hotel. Their comment was “We were trying to work out whether it used to be a hospital or a prison!”

  5. Wow, thanks Andy! We’ll check it out. As usual it depends if we get a holiday for the prophet’s ascension, but of course at Unizwa, they never tell us anything until the very last minute!

    • My pleasure, Cathy! I sure hope you get Saturday and Sunday off! Keep me posted.

      • Hi Andy, Just found out we get the days off and I’ve already booked at Khasab Hotel. I’ll let you know how it is!! Thanks so much! Where are you going for the holiday?

        • Cathy,
          GOOD FOR YOU! I look forward to see an informative blog post from you (or several!) about your whole Musandam experience. Excited for you as Musandam is a definite must see before you leave Oman! We’ll be staying in the capital over the holidays, enjoying family time and meeting up with friends. ENJOY!

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