1 Day in Jail for Each Stab?!

The man who stabbed his sister 15 times for trying to marry the man she loves got sentenced to 15 days in prison.  Read the full story here from Muscat Daily.

The original story about her brother stabbing her and how she fled to a secret location is found here in Muscat Daily.

4 responses to “1 Day in Jail for Each Stab?!

  1. Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.

  2. What A JOKE. Now I know you are not fan of the Islamic punishment for slandering (the cellphone lashing in KSA) but I wonder if the Shariah punishment for this guy’s crime of “MURDER” might be more suiting?

    • Princess,
      While I am no fan of excessive punishment, I still believe in justice and punishment for offenders. I am NOT against capital punishment (when warranted) but in this case the man did not kill anyone. I’m just trying to understand how someone could receive only 15 days in jail for STABBING another human being.

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