Al Bustan Palace (A Ritz-Carlton Hotel), Muscat, Oman

4 more pics and info tomorrow.  For now, I thought people might like to see these pics.  In the meantime, here’s a video I took of the lovely infinity pool at the Al Bustan:

15 responses to “Al Bustan Palace (A Ritz-Carlton Hotel), Muscat, Oman

  1. Hey Andy! This place looks beautiful! Did you stay here, or do they offer a day time price for using the facilities? I would love to spend a day poolside!! 🙂

  2. Hi, Cathy! It is a gorgeous hotel worthy of the Ritz Carlton name. Yes, we did stay here during the recent holiday. It was 70 rials (that’s the all inclusive price as taxes are included!) and came with breakfast buffet at Al Khiran Restaurant. Strangely, they do not allow people to come and use the pool for the day. It’s for guests only. One of the only hotels I know which doesn’t allow a daily use of the pool charge for outsiders.

  3. Oh shucks. I missed our school’s alumni meet here last month by 2 weeks :-/ . Brother got to go ‘cus he was here then :-/ .
    Looks absolutely fab.

  4. Wow, the old place has really scrubbed up nicely! I used to nip down for the odd expat weekend 1985 onwards when they charged almost nothing to stay with a Thursday dinner and Friday brunch thrown in. After hosting the first GCC Conference they didn’t have that many tourists staying back then so they were desperate to entice us in. And they used to let us plebs use the pool if we paid for the Friday brunch without having to stay over. Oh, those were the days! Writing this from a very rainy London. 😦 Really miss Oman, although I hear it’s changed almost beyond recognition. Left in 2002 when it was relatively quiet. Love the blog, Andy.


    • Maxine,
      Thanks for stopping in and commenting! I love hearing old stories about such places in Oman! Don’t complain too much about the weather in London. I don’t think you’ll find much sympathy from this oven with daily temperatures of over 45 degrees Celsius! 😉 BTW, noticed that you just started your blog (“dipping your toes in the water” as you wrote). I’m following and looking forward to reading your “ramblings”. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. Cheers!

      • You’re right, Andy; I remember well the summers in Oman. I would invariably escape to the UK with the children as soon as school broke, only returning towards the end of August, and always very much looking forward to the bliss of winter. I have very fond memories of being a long-term expat there and am eternally grateful for being able to raise my kids (both born there, now 18 and 23) in such a magical place. It came with it’s share of frustrations, but overall we consider ourselves truly blessed.

        Oooh, yes, the blog. I didn’t realise when I commented here a couple of days ago that I would be publicising my barely-started nonsense of a blog (even though it clearly states – posting from your WordPress account. Doh). Whoopsy. It’ll be somewhere for a friend and I, both interested in nutrition, spirituality and the mind-body connection to air our thoughts. We are still egging each other on to be the first to post something sensible, so who knows how long that one will take. We haven’t got beyond the staring-at-it-and-giggling-like-schoolchildren stage yet. We’re easily amused.

        Good to chat to you, Andy. I look in all the time so keep up the good work. I love reading about my old home town. *sniff*

        • Maxine,
          It’s June 23rd and still nothing posted on your blog. The header photo you posted is lovely though. I’ll be checking in from time to time to see when you finally do post something! 😉 It’s nice to know that you’re checking out the blog and that I can provide you with some nostalgic memories of this beautiful land. Take good care & don’t be a stranger!

          • I just put up a proper post in place of the first bit of rubbish posted a couple of weeks as a tester. It’s too terrifying, Andy, what were we thinking? Anyway, feel free to check us out but don’t tell anyone. Ha ha. Too shy-making. Really. I didn’t have anything to do with the header; that all seems to be courtesy the magic of the lovely people at WordPress. Again, don’t tell; let them all think that we spent hours slaving over choosing just the right pics. Tee hee. Genius.

  5. Awesome, man…looks amazing! Blessings to you guys.

    • It was amazing. My wife and I agree that it’s probably the best hotel we’ve ever stayed at so far. The customer service was fantastic. Blessings to you as well! 🙂

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  7. Thanks for the tip, I contacted them about it and they said the offer is available until the end of August. I also contacted the Shangri-La who said they have the same offer for 75 OMR a night for Omani Residents. So now we’re contemplating which one to stay at for an overnight break.

    • Ricky,
      My pleasure. I’m convinced that more expats in Oman would go to the major hotels if there were more deals for residents in Oman and if they were publicized well! We’ve also thought of trying out the Shangri-La offer and have friends who enjoyed the experience. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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