Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

This week’s prompt and instructions from the folks at WordPress: “CreateThe best part about creating something is being in the moment, relishing the creativity you’re experiencing, and letting your actions guide you to an end goal. Then you can step back and admire your work!Have you snapped a picture of something you’ve created, or something someone else has created?  Share a picture that means CREATE to you!

Here’s my son, Gershom, helping Mommy create a fantastic batch of pancakes/hotcakes.  Our son loves mixing stuff and I’m convinced he’s going to be a great chef like my father was.

While assistance from Mommy was obviously needed for the pancakes, Gershom certainly needs no help at all when he’s creating a mess!

I appreciate when companies create fantastic toys for my son to play with like this “Marble Race & Domino Chase” toy pictured here from Toys ‘R Us. (We’re there so often that my wife thinks I should buy some company shares, haha!)  My son loves it! (Almost as much as his Daddy does, haha!) I love seeing my son exciting about such things and watching his imagination sparked.

It’s funny that WordPress chose “Create” as this week’s challenge because hours before they posted the prompt I was in a goofy/”creative” mood and put together this video with the help of the folks at JibJab.com:

Feel free to take part in the challenge and submit your own photo(s) at WordPress Daily Post and HAVE FUN!  😉  If you don’t have a blog, why not create one. Just click here to go to the wordpress homepage and follow the easy instructions.  It’s fun and easy.  If I can start one up, anyone can.  I can’t think of a better time to start a blog than when the weekly photo challenge happens to be “create“!


15 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

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  2. LOVE your little video! Hilarious… 🙂

    • Glad to entertain, Cathy! My wife really laughed when she saw it. That’s just the “goofball” in me coming out, haha!

      • I went right to JibJab because I wanted to get creative too, but I see they charge a membership fee. Bummer; I can be a cheapskate for certain things. Other times I spend money too readily… I thought it was really cute… 🙂

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  4. HAHAHAHA how funny!! hahaha


  6. Brilliant jib jab!

    • Gilly,
      Jib jab can be a lot of fun. BTW, nice photo blog you got there. I’m now subscribed. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Excellent shots and he is having fun… Good addition to the challenge. 😆

  8. Your son is adorable – and the jib-jab is a clever addition as well!

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