Babysitter Desperately Needed in Ghubrah

Do you know anyone who would like to be a babysitter for a 1 1/2 year old boy in the Ghubrah area?   The babysitter should be a non-smoker and they have a choice of living in or outside of the residence where they’d be working.  Salary would depend on the work they carry out.  The mother has been trying desperately for 2.5 months to find a babysitter but with no success.  Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, folks, as this lady loves living here in Muscat but may have to resign if a babysitter cannot be found.  You can post here or contact the mother directly at .  Thanks!

10 responses to “Babysitter Desperately Needed in Ghubrah

  1. How long would the person have the job?

  2. 2 years and maybe more


  4. hello mam ,,
    i am giecel barili..
    i live in oman now,,
    i want to apply…
    here is my mobile number
    > +96896730626

  5. I am new to Muscat. What does one pay a part time babysitter here?

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