Giving a Hand to Expats in Oman – EXPAT BLOG

Who can help an expatriate better than another expatriate?”  That’s the motto/philosophy of Expat Blog.  I registered my blog with Expat Blog directory a few years back and it’s a great community to be part of.

The founder, Julien, launched the Expat Blog 7 years ago, driven by his passion for new cultures, being an expat himself for many years.  As he wrote to me in a personal email recently, “Expat blog is mostly aimed at sharing experiences of people living  abroad. I have always thought that the real life and experience of expatriates could  really help those people wishing to start a new life abroad.”

Expat Blog has just launched two exciting new functions which should greatly help expats and soon-to-be  expatriates to the Sultanate.  The two new sections they have released are dedicated to jobs and housing in Oman and I wanted to take this time to help introduce these sections and the Expat Blog  to my readers.

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