Unique Omani Boat in Qantab Fishing Village

Noticed this interesting looking boat in a fisherman’s backyard in Qantab.  Qantab is a small fishing village about 15 minutes outside Muscat past Wadi Khabir as you drive towards Shangri La.  Anyone know what they call this type of boat?  Would love to see this out on the water!

For those interested, there is now a guest house available in Qantab.  It’s about time!  I’ve always said that Qantab could do with a small hotel or guest house.  Click here to take a look.  In case you’ve never been to Qantab, this is how beautiful it is:


4 responses to “Unique Omani Boat in Qantab Fishing Village

  1. The boat is stunning!

    • I sure think so. I’ve been in Oman 5 years now and it’s the first time I’ve seen one of its kind. I’m hoping someone in the know can give us some more info on the boat.

  2. At the museum in Ras Al Jinz they dsiplay this kind of boat, I cant remember the name though, its worth a visit for OMR1-, maybe a bit of a drive for those living in Muscat

    • Thanks for the info, Millso. If I ever make it out to Ras al Jinz again, I’ll keep my eye out for a museum with that boat! 🙂

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