Culturally Inappropriate Product of the Day: “Lolly Dolly”

Can’t people just sell a camera bag and keep it at that?  What on earth were  the people at Crumbler thinking when they decided to sell this camera bag with a photo on it like that ?! And then add a lovely name like “Lolly Dolly” to go along with it?!  A dude dressed up like a lady?!  This product would have looked strange enough to me on a shelf in Vancouver, but in Emax in Muscat, Oman? Bizarre! And even the product description on Crumpler’s website is odd: found here.  You never know what you’re going to see next!

4 responses to “Culturally Inappropriate Product of the Day: “Lolly Dolly”

    • Your surprise I totally agree with. Your choice of words I do not. Those are 2 words I would NEVER want to use together as they are world’s apart in meaning and were never intended to be grouped together. Unfortunately, North American irreverence has crept into worldwide English use in such forms of modern blasphemy that is right up there with “OMG” and other expressions that I absolutely loathe.

  1. She looks hot. Especially the beard.. er, wait..

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