Does the Crime Fit the Time? 3 Months /3 Years

From today’s edition of Muscat Daily’s Legal Roundup (on page 3).  3 years for stolen phone.

Here’s a link to another jail sentence report from the same paper dated March 31st of this year.  Death of a 4 year old girl forgotten in school bus – 3 months in jail.

5 responses to “Does the Crime Fit the Time? 3 Months /3 Years

  1. Wow, priorities definitely need to be realigned. A child’s death: 3 months; a cell phone theft: 3 YEARS!! I’m speechless!

    • I’m speechless as well but mostly because I don’t want to say something that will get me in trouble with the new laws out there! 😉

  2. Oh, and not to mention that stabbing you posted about earlier where the person got one day for each stab!!! So 15 days for 15 stabs!!

  3. or what about the guys selling cheap voip calls for poor ppl to call their families in india getting years inside? Praise allah

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