– Middle Eastern Women’s Photography

                   “Power Eyes” by Amina Taher FB  “My photo represents me. Green is my favorite color and that’s why I’ve hid myself in it. Red to me is a power color and I feel that my eyes hold a lot of my power. Some people have even told me that looking into my eyes guides them to know something that they were trying to understand.” Amina Taher is “the new online gallery of work by women photographers from the Middle East’s Gulf region, women who have overcome rather extreme challenges to become artists. (Certainly Western artists struggle to make a living too, yet these women have needed to prove themselves on a number of levels.)  It’s our hope that the work on Gulfography, and the artists themselves, can open minds and bridge cultural gaps particularly when it comes to the lives of women.” 

Here’s another photo (of many) that I like:

 This one is titled “Out” and was captured by Azza Al Owais.  Description: Exploring the strength of women and their simultaneous instinct to hold back other women who confidently stand out.”

I highly recommend a visit to http://www.gulfography.comfor more information or to view/purchase images.  Prices begin around $150.

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