MAXX the Robot’s Visit to Muscat Grand Mall

4 responses to “MAXX the Robot’s Visit to Muscat Grand Mall

  1. I was visiting Oman last week and was lucky enough to see MAXX who was absolutely brilliant. Everybody loved watching him, both children and adults.

    • Gerry,
      That’s cool that you got to see MAXX on your visit to Oman! We thought he was brilliant as well. People had a blast getting their photo with him, watching him dance and communicating with him. He has his own facebook page: Anyone who has seen MAXX in action should consider visiting his facebook page and “liking” it to show your support. Great fun! 🙂

  2. It look like a robot costume. Either someone is inside, or some one hiding in another room who watch through camera & mic and speaks through speaker using a wireless technology.

    • Shajahan,
      There was definitely someone inside the costume. The robot that was at the exhibition centre about a month ago worked remotely with 2 different operators. Too bad we missed that robot!

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