The Official “Pringles Oman Flash Mob” Now Online!

Just got word from Fernando, the director of Latin Dance Muscat that the official version of their flashmob, which they put together for Pringles, is now ready.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

  If you enjoy it, make sure to click “watch on youtube” (as you hover over “youtube” in the bottom right corner of the vid) and click “like“. Show ’em some love, Muscat! 🙂

2 responses to “The Official “Pringles Oman Flash Mob” Now Online!

  1. Wow! Looks like going shopping got a whole lot more fun since I left. I don’t even recognise the Mall. I hear so many new ones have sprung up over the past few years. Shopping in Muscat used to be a most depressing affair: Sabco Centre and Prisunic was about it. I hope you lot out there appreciate how good you have it 😀

    • You can always come back! 🙂 My family and I definitely appreciate all the things that life in Muscat offers! And it’s a pleasure to post some of that online with anyone considering coming to the Sultanate!

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