“Everyday Moments, Caught in Time” – Billy Collins (TEDtalks)

This is a great TED talks presentation by American poet, Billy Collins, from March of this year.  It includes 5 of his poems turned into animation.  So if you love poetry and animation, you’ll love this.  Don’t miss the hilarious poem at the end!  🙂

5 responses to ““Everyday Moments, Caught in Time” – Billy Collins (TEDtalks)

  1. I LOVE this Andy!! Billy Collins is one of my favorite poets. I love his wry sense of humor! This is the first time I’ve seen him live, so thanks for sharing!!

    • Hi, Cathy! Glad to know someone else really loved this! I, too, love his sense of humor! This is also my first time to see him live so it was a real treat. Only another 2 weeks left till you leave Oman, huh?! If you’re back in the Muscat area before you leave, it’d be nice to meet up before you leave the Sultanate. (If so, send me a quick email and I’ll reply with my number.) I hope you enjoy your last 2 weeks here! 🙂

      • Hi Andy, You know I’m leaving the Sultanate, but only for a vacation! I will be back for one day on August 30, pack off to Greece on Aug 31 for 2 weeks, then back to work on Sept 15. So, only a short reprieve!!

        So, I may not be able to meet you in the next two weekends, but there will be plenty of time after September 15. I would LOVE to meet you and your family sometime soon! Do you have a holiday coming up? 🙂

        • Cathy,
          Hey, that’s great news that you’ll be back. I thought we were losing a fine blogger! I’m crazy busy as well but was willing to meet up with you as I thought you were leaving us for good. Like you said, there will be plenty of time to meet up after September 15th. If you need any help on your one day here on August 30th (like a ride to/from airport), don’t hesitate to let me know! We’ll be taking some time off from August 9th to the end of August. Still making our plans! 🙂

          • Thanks so much, but I dropped off and picked up my friend Mario for his holiday, so he’s doing the same for me! But thank you so much for your kind offer.

            I would definitely love to meet you and your family or wife for lunch or dinner when I return home. I don’t know if I have your email, but I can contact you through here, right? Or you can contact me on my About Me page and then I can write you back. I don’t like to put out my email to the public…… 🙂

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