Searching for Omani Artist to Represent Oman

Haag Design is looking for an artist as a representative for Oman for a specific project.  Here is the job description:

Searching for an Omani artist who is skilled in REALISTIC style painting. We are accepting any medium (acrylic, oil, pastel, etc.) as long as the result is realistic. The artist should also be skilled in portraiture. You would be required to paint just one picture as small as 9 inches wide by 12 inches tall.

This is a paid commission, and your work will be published in a book.

Please send samples or a link to your portfolio to
We will contact you if we feel that it is a good fit. Thank you.

Any aspiring Omani artists out there? If so, submit your work (to the email listed above – NOT to me, please!)  as soon as you can.  It must be sent by September 15th at the latest.  If you know of any talented Omani artists who would represent the Sultanate well, please let them know about this opportunity.

9 responses to “Searching for Omani Artist to Represent Oman

  1. I think I might know two people actually. Thank you for sharing this Andy, very nice of you. 🙂

    • Jado,
      That’s cool that you know 2 people who might be able to apply! My pleasure. As a lover of Oman and art, I think it’s the least I could do to post this job opportunity, right? 😉

  2. Sharmila Dalal

    Hi Andy ! I do portraits in Pastels…Would love to send in some pics of my work…I dont have a professional degree in Art but am an architect by profession …Do i qualify ?Thanks

    • Sharmila,
      There are plenty of artists out there without a professional degree in Art. The artist is determined by his/her work rather than their degree so if your work is good, yes, you qualify! 🙂

  3. I am sorry to ask this question in this place, but my husband and I have recently moved to Muscat and I have recently discovered your very interesting blog. My husband is skilled and talented painter, but we have been looking hopelessly for painting materials (Fabric, water colors, etc..). Do you have any idea where we can by these materials? Many thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Sharmila Dalal

      Hiba ,There is a dirth of good shops in Oman but there are 2 shops i frequent …One is Shah Nagardas which has two outlets in Qurum and Ruwi …The qurum shop is next to SABCO centre which is easy to locate …The other shop Al Wan is in Muttrah ..It is very close to Khimjis outlet …Hope this info helps u …:)

      • Thanks so much for the response, Sharmila! 🙂 The only art shop I know of that some of my expat artist friends use is the slightly expensive one with high quality materials in the Al Noor Plaza in MQ. (with kids educational stuff as well and stationary)

  4. I surojit bhowmick age about 39 yers am an artist .i have been painting 22 yrs. Oil on canvas , on furniture. Wall .work expereance in intereor art 15 yrs,any creative design i can do . Ineed a job.contract or salary basis.

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