Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Share a picture that means INSIDE to you!

We found a mouse inside our house (hey, that rhymes!) but I thought it would be too freaky to post a pic of the dead mouse inside a bag for the squeemish readers out there…so instead I present a pic of the inside of the cord that the mouse had obviously chewed through.  I really am thankful that it did not cause a fire as I do believe that such things happen! Thanks once again, Lord, for watching over us!

My son’s latest obsession is with “Mickey Mouse eggs” or any chocolate egg for that matter.  Here is what comes inside one of these eggs:

Inside a “Bob the Builder chocolate egg” – but that doesn’t stop my son from referrring to these treats as “Mickey Mouse egg”.

Speaking of “Bob the Builder”, here’s the “Heavy-Metal Gershom Version” of the Theme song:

A different toy inside a different egg (on a different day mind you!) – this one obviously a real “Mickey Mouse egg”.

Our happy little munchkin once the egg is open, the toy is out and the chocolate is in hand!

Gershom loves his new Imaginarium Mountain Pass Railroad Set which lets him put his various trains inside a big plastic mountain.  (RO 29.9 at Toys ‘R’ Us) We were so happy this was on sale (usually over 50 rials) as he loves trains. That’s about $75 US and it sells for $103.97 on the Toys R Us website.

Gershom always has a fantastic time inside Magic Planet in Muscat City Centre Mall. (Pictured here sitting next to his buddy, Mickey)

This last pic is of a Ramadan charity campaign inside Muscat City Center in which people can donate used eyeglasses, mobile phones, books and non-perishable foods for the needy by placing them inside these large boxes to help make a difference!

2 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

  1. Be careful..I’ve had mice before in other houses..where there is one, there are more! Trust me. I’d put a bunch of traps down everywhere just to be sure.

    • Thanks for the warning, Lyn! We are definitely looking out for more but so far (thank God!) there are no signs of others. We live on the ground floor and it may be that the little sucker just squeezed himself under the back kitchen door.

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