Shisha Smoking Not as Harmless as Some Think

This recent report titled “One Hour of Shisha =100 Cigarettes“,  from The Times of Oman suggests that Shisha (or Hookah) Smoking is not as harmless as a lot of people would like you to believe.

10 responses to “Shisha Smoking Not as Harmless as Some Think

  1. What about Bakhour? lol

  2. Hi, Mimi! Good to hear from you. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on graduating! I left a comment on your blog but for some reason it came out as “anonymous”. I know you’re just joking about Bakhour but some of my Omani friends have told me that certain types of low quality Bakhour are indeed harmful for your health!

  3. Many Shisha joints are gonna run out of business. haha..

    • Eric,
      Sarcasm aside, I think you’re right! 🙂 I’m guessing that the Shisha joints will continue doing quite well – business as usual.

  4. What will people in Oman do, if the sheesha joints shut down?

    • Hi Za,
      I don’t think we have to worry about sheesha joints shutting down en masse due to one report in the Times of Oman. People visiting the Arabian Gulf like to think of sheesha smoking as a lovely “cultural experience”. Even though smoking is known as a serious health risk, people across the globe continue to do so to the detriment of their own health and those around them so I don’t expect anything will change in the sheesha industry either.

      • Andy I need your help (by the way I like the ‘new look’ blog!)
        I am a week-old blogger, having been inspired by yourself (email: it is all a bit intimidating as i am not that computer literate, but how does one post a video into one’s blog? and then the other thing is how do you get a picture in? currently i am downloading from google sticking on my desktop then pasting, there must be an easier way?? many thanks and keep up the good work! kerry

  5. Kerry,
    Enjoying your blog! I noticed it from the wordpress stats and a few visitors am coming over from your blog to mine, so thanks! 🙂 I will add your blog ( to the blogroll. If you go through all the instructional tips from wordpress, it isn’t intimidating at all. You seem to be managing well with inserting pics. Video is a little more complicated. You basically have 3 options. The 1st option is to pay for the ability to add videos directly to your blog by subscribing for this option from wordpress. The 2nd option is to just add a link to a video you want your readers to click on. The 3rd and best option in my opinion is to embed the video directly into your blog without paying for it or worrying about all the memory such a video drains from your account. This is best for youtube videos which I mostly post. In your blogpost box, just type WordPress is basically idiot free and easy once you play around and get used to it. If I can do it, anyone can! 🙂 Let me know if this helps or you need a better/longer explanation. All the best to you. Keep up the great blogging! 🙂

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