Twitter Elite in Muscat: Top 50

For those of you into Twitter who are curious about twitterers here in the Sultanate of Oman, one of the top Omanis on twitter, Omn Entrepreneur, tweeted this list of the top 50 “twitter elite” in Muscat”:  Do you follow any of these people on twitter?  I follow quite a few of them but my presence on twitter is very limited.  Of course things might not seem quite as exciting on twitter regarding Oman ever since the crackdown on the Omani online community.

3 responses to “Twitter Elite in Muscat: Top 50

  1. Went for a tweetup when I was home this summer and met a couple of guys . 🙂 It was good fun.

    • That’s cool that you went to a tweetup. They usually have it on Tuesday nights which is rarely good for me… Someday I hope to attend one!

      • Yeah, Tuesday as I remember. Do try and make it to one, met some really interesting people and it was really good fun…… Although, I was easily the youngest around :p .

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