Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Plants, animals, people, grow…but so can buildings, shadows, and waves. What can you share that makes the viewer think of growth?

Share a picture that means GROWTH to you!

Naomi with some of her gifts after her dedication last Friday.  This pic is a good reminder of the incredible growth or accumulation of toys and other things in our home.  It’s also a reminder of how quickly our family is growing.  We were just married 3 short years ago in January of 2009 and we’ve already got 2 kids! Yowzers! (1 + 1 = 4!!!)

The growth of my son is happening faster than I could have imagined.  It’s amazing to see the daily growth of his vocabulary, his talents and his mischievious ways.  It’s so fun to see his interests in cars and trains grow and this is a pic of us racing together.  As a father, I’m really looking forward to all the fun games and toys we’ll enjoy together along the way!

Another thing which comes to mind when I consider the word “growth” is….this blog! I am so amazed at the growth in the number of viewers in just a few short years.

This blog has grown from 444 views in the first month (Dec 2008) to over 30,000 views/month for the past 10 months! Wow!  Once again, a big thanks to all the readers out there!  🙂

One last thought on the word “growth“…many try to tell us that the world cannot sustain the growth in population but that isn’t really something we should worry about.  Check out this informative and entertaining TED talk by Hans Rosling on this very topic:

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  5. Glad to hear everythings going well 🙂 .

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