MAN in Oman

From the title, “MAN in Oman“, you may not have guessed right away that I was referring to a truck company in Oman.  These trucks seem to be everywhere in Oman and they always catch my eye.   With the half circle (or what looks to be forming half a letter “o”) above the word “MAN”, I automatically think I’m reading “Oman” so for the longest time I referred to these as “the Oman trucks”. Was that their clever marketing intention to have people automatically associate their brand with Oman? The MAN range of trucks are owned by Saud Bahwan.

Admit it now…How many of you have popped a camera out while driving to snap a similar photo?!  ;-)

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8 responses to “MAN in Oman

  1. Hahahah :P . I always knew they were ‘Man’ trucks. Imagining things is usually my thing :P .

    • Antony,
      I’ve almost got almost 20 years on you in the “imagining things department” so you probably wouldn’t want to know half the things that go on in my mind, haha! My psychiatrist says that it’s quite healthy and everything’s going to be just fine…LOL!

  2. I always thought they were OMAN trucks!! And yes, sometimes I snap pictures while driving, a very dangerous practice, especially with me behind the wheel!

    • Thanks for letting me not I was entirely alone with that concept, Cathy! ;-) (Or with photo taking while driving!)

  3. Just to shed some light into the (O)MAN saga: MAN is a German truck manufacturer, the name actually stands for the three cities where the company started producing: Mannheim, Augsburg, Nueremberg – in short: MAN. Nothing to do with Oman or any macho thing…

    • Sounds interesting but that’s not exactly right. Maschinenfabrik Augsburg Nürnberg AG, or in short, M·A·N was formed in 1908 from the merger of 2 companies: Maschinenbau-AG Nürnberg (founded 1841) and Maschinenfabrik Augsburg AG (founded 1840). You’re right that MAN has nothing to do with Oman or any macho thing (haha! that’s what some could think, right? ;-) ) but not entirely right about the name. Thanks.

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