A Walk around Rustaq Fort

6 responses to “A Walk around Rustaq Fort

  1. I love the thick walls and the doors!

  2. Yes, it’s a gorgeous fort. It’s unfortunate that it’s closed down for repairs. Seems that every fort I try to visit is closed for renovations! 😦

  3. Well stopo going around closing all the Forts …..;)
    I am coming next tuesday to Oman.

    • I took a week to get back to you, so that means you must be in Oman by now, right? I hope you have a fantastic time here. I have a feeling that unless you go to some of the more famous forts like Nizwa Fort, Jabrin Fort or Nakheel Fort, you may find that many will be closed for renovations. Like me know if you have better luck with forts being open than I usually have! 🙂

  4. hi Andy, do u have any pictures from jabel shems?

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