Cat Island, Marina Bandar Al Rowdha

I had heard of “Cat Island” a few times but had never seen it for myself until a recent boat trip.  As we approached this odd looking rock I wondered…and so I asked the skipper, “What’s the name of that island there?”  He told me, as I expected, that it was indeed Cat Island.  It’s located right in front of Marina Bandar Al Rowdha, which is the main marina in Muscat in the old fishing village of Sidab, between Muttrah Port and Al Bustan Palace.  At first glance (the pic above) I thought it looked more like a Scottish Terrier than a cat.   But this next pic looks more like a cat from behind to me (with the head on the right side of course).

What do you think? Is this island worthy of being called “Cat Island”? Does it look like a cat to you?  And in case you were wondering, no, there are no cats living on that island, haha! 😉

14 responses to “Cat Island, Marina Bandar Al Rowdha

  1. It looks a LITTLE like a cat from behind, as you describe! But I like the Scottish Terrier explanation better!

    • I’m guessing you’re more of a dog person as well. Am I right, Cathy?! But it looks like both a cat AND a dog to me depending on the angle. Who knows, from the other side of the island it could look like a rhinoceros for all I know! 🙂

  2. Nope first picture looks like a cat to me. Never heard of this island before so thanks for that 🙂 .

  3. Like you’ve said … just the right side at the top, I can make out a cats head. Here in Sardinia we have many rock formations that have taken the shape of an animal; elephant, turtle, a mans face, and a dinosaur!

    • Good to get your perspective all the way from Italy, Jennifer! Sardinia sounds (and also looks from your blog!) like a gorgeous place. Oh, to travel to Italy someday! Thanks for commenting.

  4. Yes, it looks even more like it from the right side.

    They also call it ‘Cat Rock’, not too sure what Arabic equivalent is (taken me four years to learn the alphabet! ha ha!! stagnated grey matter!)

    • “Cat Rock”..makes sense as it is really just a rock. I’ve always heard it referred to as “Cat Island”. Would love to know if the Omanis have a name for it or even call it anything at all. Have any of you Omanis reading this heard of “Cat Island”. If so, what do you call it?

  5. Oh, I remember that! If I recall correctly there’s also a Shark Island somewhere round by where SAF Beach Club used to be. PDO way. Now was that because there were basking sharks loitering out there or did it in someway resemble a shark, I wonder. Thanks for the memories.

    • inspire1234,
      Yes, Fahal Island (Shark Island) is supposed to be a popular dive site and I hope to dive there someday. I think you’re right that it’s named that because of the sharks around it rather than due to its shape. Glad that you enjoyed some memories as a result of the post! 🙂 Cheers!

  6. Haha! It looks like a cat. Adorable.

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