Al Kasfah Hot Spring, Al Rustaq

Al Kasfah Hot Spring is located in Al Rustaq which is about 170 kms from Muscat.  It would have been much easier to find if I knew that it was next to a mosque!

The water here reminded me of the Bimmah Sinkhole but on a much smaller scale.  The water was constantly bubbling which is hard to make out in a photo.  Here is a short video to give you a better idea:

They say the average temperature of this hot spring is 45-46 degrees Centigrade. (113-114.8 degrees Fahrenheit for you Americans out there! 😉 )  People believe that the water in this hot spring has healing properties due to its sulphur content.

Another video from a different angle:

They seem to love posting signs near this spring! Here are a few that seem to contradict one another: (No Bathing? Bathing ok but not with detergent? Just not during certain hours?)

This is one of the “bathing rooms” with a flowing falaj from the hot spring that might allow you to soak your feet but I don’t know about getting much more than that wet.

Here’s a look at the falaj as it flows down the street from the hot spring.  Notice the dragonfly?

Here are a few pictures of the area immediately around the hot spring:

If you’re looking for this hotspring, keep your eye out for this Rustaq Municipality map located right next to the spot.

If you read Arabic, these markings on the nearby mountain read: “Aiyn Al Kasfah”. (So the local Rustaq boys told me.)


12 responses to “Al Kasfah Hot Spring, Al Rustaq

  1. Wow, that is hot!! I haven’t been here yet, so it’s on my list for the coming year!

    • Cathy,
      It’s an interesting place but I think someone might be disappointed if they went all the way there just for this site. Definitely try to work in a visit to the old market and Rustaq Fort as well while you’re there. If you have a bit more time, try to squeeze in a visit to Al Hazm Fort just outside of Rustaq as well. (I’ll try posting about that sometime in the next few days.) I hope you’re enjoying your vacation in America! 🙂

  2. Wow, this looks amazing, I would love to visit, it looks very deep is it easy to find?

    • It’s definitely interesting but takes just a few minutes of looking around really. It doesn’t seem that deep and so I think the fence around it is to preserve this rather small spring which would otherwise be trampled upon by so many curious folks! The other spring just beside the one I photographed is rather yucky looking and seems neglected. It is pretty easy to find as all the tourist sites such as this one are usually marked with brown paint.

  3. Oh yes, I’ve been here…. Had lunch in some random farm too. Was quite a nice walk.

    Btw, that’s not hot just a cool summer day in Muscat :p .

    • “Just a cool summer day in Muscat”…haha! It’s all relative, huh?! Nice to know you made it to this spot and got to enjoy Rustaq as well. 🙂

  4. deborah hart-serafini

    Do you have GPS coords? That would be really helpful. Thanks!

  5. Dear all,
    It is really wonderfull and amazing, yesterday 9-1-2016 I visited there with my friends.

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