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“Palmeera” (Casual Dining), Shatti Al Qurum

Palmeera has replaced the little Italian restaurant, Pane Caldo, in the Jawharat Al Shati Mall near the Intercontinental Hotel in Shati Al Qurum.  This multi-cuisine restaurant opened at the end of July and its opening was featured in the Week, the Oman Observer, the Times of Oman, Muscat Daily, and was reviewed on the Omani Cuisine blog.  With all the recent press, we decided to give it a try.

At first glance, the seating at Palmeera is less than impressive, but once you get over it, the chairs prove comfortable enough.  I had to remind myself that this is “casual dining” which is clearly reflected in the low prices, so I think their seating can be overlooked.

Nice Kids Menu.  We also love how they brought a coloring page and crayons to the table for our son.  Like D’Arcy’s in the same mall, they really know how to make a family feel at home here.

Even though it was an early dinner, my son’s in a pancake phase it seems.  He can be a bit of a fussy eater (like most kids) but he really ate up these pancakes.  Nice that they add banana, apple and strawberry slices. (only 900 baiza)

The Gambu (Seafood) Soup was very good! (2 OR)  I’m glad my wife spooned up some of the ingredients just as I was taking a pic as you can get an idea of how great it must taste with its contents of okra, fish and prawns.


My sister-in-law had the Seafood Pasta (3.9 OR) which she assured me was every bit as delicious as it looked.  Here are other options on the Italian page:

Fresh Fish & Chips is always a fantastic choice at just about any casual restaurant in Muscat and the plate pictured here at Palmeera was no exception (3.6 OR) Quite a large portion that I wasn’t able to finish.

My wife thought her Grilled Fish was very good. (3.8 OR)  Here are the other 2 pages of options for Main Courses (Continental):

We ordered the Squid Tempura (aka “Calamari”) kind of late in the game but the ladies had a sudden craving for it. (3.2 OR) These would have made a lovely starter, I think, even though there is no official “starter menu” as the dishes are organized according to type of food such as Italian, Chinese and so on.  (They apologized for putting on “the wrong sauce” but we enjoyed it all the same! 🙂 ).  More choices from the Chinese section of the menu:

The menu is quite big, consisting of 15 pages (including kids menu and restaurant description).  I’ve already posted several pages, so I might as well just go ahead and let you see the other pages of their menu:

If you’re in Shatti Al Qurum early enough, you can try out their breakfast menu.  They open as early as 7:30am. (Muscat Daily said 7am but I’ll have to confirm that.)  There are also plenty of snack options:

What would a multi-cuisine restaurant be without salads?!

Indian and Mediterranean:

One thing we love about the prices (besides the fact that they are so low!)  is that “what you see is what you get”. No extra service charges, or luxury, municipal, or dining taxes so you’re free to tip to your heart’s content.

Another bonus feature to Palmeera is that they have Grace (one of the nicest waitresses in Muscat!) that some of you may recognize from D’Arcy’s.  Make sure to tip her well! 🙂

So, all the dishes pictured in this post plus 2 mountain dew and 1 large masafi water came to only 21.2 Omani rials.  Not bad at all!  Have any of you been to Palmeera? If so, what did you think?  (Tel: 24692368)

The World of Modern-Day Slavery

Reading Muscat Daily this morning, I noticed this “Today in History” section which reports that on August 28th, 1833, Britain banned slavery throughout its empire.  It got me thinking about slavery and modern slavery which is alive and doing well.  Click here to see the “Abolition of Slavery Timeline” on Wikipedia.  Interesting to note that Oman was the 2nd last country on the list to abolish slavery (in 1970) only behind Mauritania which abolished slavery as late as 1981!

If you think that slavery is a thing of the past, you best watch this TED talks presentation by photographer, Lisa Kristine:

                                          If you’re one of those folks that thinks that our world is getting better and better, morally and ethically, it’s time to get your head out of the sand.  This world is headed to hell in a handbasket and the time is ripe for the judgment of God.  If God does not judge this world and this generation in particular, He will most definitely need to offer a formal apology to Sodom and Gommorah.

Life is Cheap in Norway: The Sentence of Anders Breivik

Imagine if you will that a murderer kills someone in your family (God forbid!) – someone near and dear to you along with 76 other people.  Imagine still that that “man” is arrested and put on trial and found to be sane and therefore responsible for his actions .  Imagine how you would feel if that man not only did not regret his actions but seemed to be satisfied with his act.  Imagine how you would feel if a court found him guilty and sentenced him to a mere 21 years in prison for his unrepentant mass killing.  Such must be the feelings of many families of victims in Norway where Anders Breivik , the mass murderer, was handed out a 21 year sentence on August 24th.  It’s a “time frame of 21 years” as 10 years is the maximum penalty in Norway!  Theoretically, he could serve a minimum time of 10 years!  Rubbish!  Such is the world we live in today lacking in any real justice, where countries think they know better than God in denying justice in the form of the death penalty when it is warranted such as the perfect example of the massive slaughter this one man dished out on July 22nd, 2011.  People (especially Norwegians) can try and explain it away all they want with arguments such as “he will probably never get out”, but the fact that a man who murders 77 others in such a cold, calculated and evil manner only gets 21 years is horrendous!  I was outraged and yet not surprised when I heard that ridiculous decision.  My feelings and thoughts were rekindled when I read this piece by John Piper titled, “Life Is Cheap in Norway: C. S. Lewis on the Sentence of Anders Breivik“.  Life is cheap indeed it seems! Governments have a responsibility (ordained by God) to put to death those who are responsible for such evil murders.  Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image.” (Genesis 9:6)  The people he killed have breathed their last and he has left an incalculable amount of torment and anguish to their families.  What is his reward? 3 jail cells to his disposal where he can sleep, watch movies, TV, and he even has a gym where he can work out.  Since the trial, he writes 8-10 hours per day, has a plan to write 3 books and intends to study political science…Norwegian justice!  (Click here for a proper Biblical understanding of the death penalty.)