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Wadi Shab, Oman to Witness Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2012, September 27th

Looks like a great event to attend in beautiful Wadi Shab on September 27th if you’re not busy.  Wadi Shab is such an awesome spot.  My favorite part is the Wadi Shab Cave which I didn’t get a chance to photograph or videotape yet, but here’s a decent video from someone who’s been there:

Ruins in Jamma, Oman

Jammah is located between Mussannah and Rustaq, about an hour and a half from Muscat.  The turnoff point coming from Mussanah is at the same roundabout where one turns for Al Hamn Castle, but instead of turning right (for Al Hazm Castle), you turn left to reach Jamma.  It is 6 kms from Mansur Castle (which I never managed to find!).  If you look at the map here, Jamma is indicated with a red circle.