Comfort at the Grave: The PCO Remembers Michelle and Julia Hoffman

The PCO (Protestant Church in Oman), TAISM (The American International School in Muscat) and a beautiful family are all experiencing a season of deep grief as we try to make sense out of a senseless tragedy that occurred in Minnesota on August 17th, less than 2 weeks ago.  Michelle and Julia Hoffman (as well as the mother-in-law) were taken from us to be with the LORD.  Here is a news report about the horrific accident.  Michelle and Julia’s obituary is found here.  The son, Jason, was only spared by the grace of God thanks to the quick reaction of a good samaritan.  Memorial services were held in the States last week.  It was such a beautiful service celebrating these two hearts of gold and many of us were only able to witness it from this youtube clip shared on facebook.

The worship from 14:15 to 19:15 is so incredibly deep and uplifting and is proof of Psalm 22:3 that “But Thou art Holy, O Thou that inhabits the praises of His people.”  Music soothes the soul like nothing else.  This is why Ephesians 5:19 tells us to, “Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord.”

 TAISM had a special, private ceremony this past Saturday and wrote this page, TAISM Community Mourns Loss, on their website.  For those who knew and loved Michelle and Julia, there will be a Memorial Service on Sunday, September 2nd at 4pm in the Bosch Hall, Ghala.  Please be praying for the family-Michael, Jake, Joey, and Jason.  Today’s sermon from Pastor Michael Peppin could not have been more appropriate.


4 responses to “Comfort at the Grave: The PCO Remembers Michelle and Julia Hoffman

  1. Thank you for this post, Andy! I have been praying for the service this Sunday for the past week. My heart is so heavy and so very sad — I trust the Lord will bring comfort to you all in Oman and to Mike and the boys as they prepare to return. Please help to take care of them and my sweet friend “J”! Hugs to you all!

    • My pleasure, Char. Your prayers and the prayers of so many were definitely answered as it was such a beautiful ceremony. Jennifer and Cheyenne gave such beautiful, moving eulogies that really spoke volumes about their faith in Christ and love for people. It was so nice to see such a huge number of people from all walks of life and backgrounds come to pay their respects. Because Michelle and Julia were loved by so many and perhaps some couldn’t make it to the memorial, I decided to make the facebook album public. People can access it here : God bless you and the family!

  2. I heard about this from a teacher over the weekend. Totally tragic. I hope that kid gets locked up for at least 20 years for being so reckless. As for the family members who are still alive and having to go through this… No idea what to say.

    • Sythe,
      Yes, extremely tragic and yet we try to remain thankful for all blessings including the blessing of having known such incredible souls and having Jason pulled to safety from the burning van by a good samaritan. He just celebrated his 6th birthday and the family invited the man who saved him to the house to celebrate. The ultimate prayer is that God would work victory out of even such seemingly senseless tragedy, including hope that the troubled young man responsible for such death and destruction would seek forgiveness and find peace, forgiveness and mercy from the Lord. Now that would be God’s grace at work! And you’re right, sometimes there is absolutely nothing we can say. What can you say? The best we can offer them is to mourn with them and pray for them. They alone know what it means to truly bear such tragic loss.

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