My 1st Purchase on Alatool Muscat – A Tablet!

I subscribed to Alatool Muscat about a week ago and haven’t been that interested in any of their advertised deals so far.  That changed this morning, however, when I received an email with what seemed to me to be a pretty good deal!

“Nextbook Premium 7SE Tablet launch: Own this sleek device for just OMR 45 with Android OS, High Resolution, Capacitive Display, Smooth Touch and much more. Save 35% on! (Original Value: OMR 70)” You can see all the details of the deal at

I like the idea of owning a tablet but don’t want to spend hundreds of rials on an        i-pad which is unnecesary anyhow seeing how we have 2 computers at home.  This tablet seems like a nice, more affordable deal.  Should be delivered to me within 7 days!

Anyone out there avid Alatool fans/customers?  If you have purchased an Alatool deal, how was your experience?

15 responses to “My 1st Purchase on Alatool Muscat – A Tablet!

  1. congrats on your first purchase. 🙂 I purchase food deals on alatool.. even now they have this 500bz deal in Just grilled, just to try the place as well. All the previous deals I purchased were great.. really saved on the food cost. 🙂

    • Hello, Tin!
      Nice to see a real life person I know commenting on the blog, haha! 🙂 I believe this is your first comment. Congrats & Thanks! I did notice that killer deal on “Just Grilled” and thought it had to be too good to be true. Will keep my eye out for more food deals! Thanks for the tip! I hope it isn’t too hard to be back at work away from precious Reese. God bless always!

  2. Hi and thanks for sharing.

    I tried some of their deals and they are good.
    On tablet that you bought: You will be pleased i am sure. Those Chinese cheap tablets are really awesome. I bought my 2 yrs old kid a OMR 30 chinese tablet to stop him playing with his mom tablet, and hell yea i was the one who stoped using phone! Beleive it or not, my kid have no time to play while i am using it. It is awesome. Android 4.0 based 4 GB for 30 rials 😉
    I couldnt stop playing!

    • Hi, Mohammed!
      My pleasure to share good deals. I am slowly warming up to the whole Alatool Muscat thing! 😉 Can’t wait to get the tablets (got one for the wife) as they look like a lot of fun as you said. I’ve checked a few review-type vids on youtube and the model looks good enough to me.

  3. vishnu venkatesh

    iv used alatool for the just grilled deal too. the discount is crazy (85%) and the food was great. highly recommend that deal

  4. Hi Andy, i purchased the ALATOOLMUSCAT eid deal for Ferrari World. It was a very nice experience. Though the hotel & Ferrari world were great but what made it even better ws the service that We(my wife & 2 children) got during the peak point of EID. As a alatoolmuscat customer from OMAN they also gave a free upgrade. I saw their Lufthansa deal which gave a OMR 50 discount on tickets, but it was very short time to decide for a Europe tour.
    any ways, Hope you get your product soon 🙂 since im already using the X touch Tablet that I purchased from them , works great!

  5. Akhil,
    Thanks for sharing your Alatool shopping experience with us. Gotta love upgrades! 🙂 Still waiting for the tablets…

  6. Hey andy!!Alatool is the next best thing in town!In the beginning i was reluctant to invest in the SLASHED off Pricess..incredible offerS!!But then tried it myself!Have enjoyed couple of deals from that!!The best being the Fish spa, and the Just Grilled!! You should try out its other stuff!!They are not disappointing!have fun with the new tab!

    • Frasha,
      Glad you’ve enjoyed some of their deals. We received the tablets 5 days after ordering them and we are SO impressed with them. Yesterday I bought 2 32-gigabyte SD cards at E-Max (15 rials each) and we now have a few videos and lots of music on them with plenty of space still on both. My 2 and a half year old loves watching Thomas the Train, Chuggington and other free vids from the apps stores and he often insists that I play Angry Birds Space so he can watch. 😉 (Not an excuse-it’s a fact!) So far, this was the best deal I’ve seen on Alatool. I’ll be looking out for more to come!

  7. That guy, always that guy

    I hope they can provide a better service than MarkaVIP- that is the most disappointing service.

  8. somebody get me the no. of alatool musct

  9. Thanks Andy…. You have convinced me to buy the xtouch… 🙂

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